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MM Camp Song Book 1 750x750-01

Printable Girls Camp Song Books are now in the MeckMom Store

In addition to teaching Gospel Doctrine in my home ward I also have the fabulous job of planning camp for 25 young...

Assembly instructions for MeckMom valentines

A quick video tutorial for MeckMom Valentines and Candygrams

I’ve been making these candy-wrap valentines for years. I thought it might help to make quick video tutorial about my favorite...

Jumbo Bday Nerds1-01

The perfect ‘pint-size’ birthday present for Primary kids

Once I posted these little darlings in the shop, I knew they would be irresistible. What Primary teacher could stay away from such a...

Valentine Light Saber 1-01

New printable Star Wars & Princess valentines in the shop

I am not a fan of store valentines. First off, they’re ridiculously cheesy. Secondly, they always feel cheap and generic. If...

MM Pic 12.11.2015 1

How to hang stockings without a mantle

We live in an area that rivals many ski resorts for average snowfall. Yet, for some unknown reason, the builders of our...