Lovin’ These Links

Wow.  I went to gather all the photos from my facebook favorites and suddenly realized how long it’s been since my last update.  I hope you guys have a few free minutes because there are tons of great links here.

Here are the sites featured on my facebook page in the last several weeks.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  If you do, don’t forget to leave comments for these incredibly talented, hard-working bloggers.  We live for comments here in the blogosphere so share the love when you stop by these sites.  (Remember to click the pink blog titles – not the pictures – to follow the link)

Etsy: Fall Down Tree

There’s something about this guy’s art that really grabs me. I love the expressions of the quirky creatures…they almost seem like they were plucked from the pages of a great picture book. I fully intend to buy some for my son’s new room.

Better After

Who doesn’t love a great makeover? This entire blog is devoted to before and afters brimming with inspiration.

Controlling My Chaos

Is menu planning a constant struggle? Check out this Mom’s low-cost magnetic solution.

Ambrosia Girl

These polaroid-inspired magnets are both functional and fun. I can’t wait to create a bunch and highlight some of our favorite family memories on the fridge.

Cute Girl Hairstyles

Do your daughters need some quick ‘n easy hairstyles for summer? The video tutorials on this site are a great place to start.

Etsy: The Home Centric

My cool gray sofa is looking little bare at the moment – it’s just aching for some color or sparkle to warm it up. I found this shop on Etsy and I’m totally coveting all the awesome (and inexpensive) pillow covers. If only she didn’t have so many to choose from.

We Love Indie

Know any stylish brides-to-be? This charming idea for a ‘guestbook’ beats the tacky feather pen and book sets by a mile. It would be fun to do for a baptism or graduation party too.

Always With Butter

Strawberries are in peak season now so I made gobs of strawberry freezer jam. Up next, these scrumptious shortcake cookies.


  1. The Before and After shots are of a dear friend’s sunroom! It was fun to think, “I recognize that!” Thanks for the links!

  2. I think I’m lovin’ these links too!! Thanks!

  3. Tomena

    Maria! I miss you. I know, I know you don’t know me so you can’t miss me but I’m miss all your great ideas. I used or needed almost every one. Here are my big probs at the moment…wanna take a stab at them? Keeping my floors clean and keeping a schedule. I’m expecting baby #6 and I need to regroup. Anyway I ALWAYS love to hear what you have to say. Excited for you guys to have a new house…yeah!


  4. Tomena

    Oh I forgot two things. I love the new site!… and potatoes and onions. How do you store your onions and potatoes so they don’t get soggy and don’t make a mess?

  5. Maria, I have a question about one of your downloads that isn’t working and I couldn’t find a way to contact you directly. How can I download and edit it, do you have a link or can you email me the Mom’s game plan? Please and thank you!

    • Sorry, Shannon. I’m still working through the download issues. It looks like the Mom Game Plan is finally back to full functionality. Let me know if you still have trouble with the download. Thanks!

  6. Hi Maria, I was trying to download the CTR badges for my new primary class, but can’t download it. Is it still available by chance?


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