Two Realty Guys Who Made My Life Easier

I have a weird apprehension towards Real Estate people.  I can’t really explain where it comes from, but I guess I see them as salesmen at heart so my brain is automatically set to ‘guard your money with your life’ mode.  Thankfully, this time around things were a different.  I can honestly say that I felt that both my Real Estate Agent and my Mortgage Broker were looking out for me during the home-buying whole process.

First off, let me say for the record that I was not paid for this post.  Neither my Real Estate Agent nor my Mortgage Broker asked me to feature them here.  In fact, it was the other way around.  I was really pleased with my service and told them I give them a shout out on my blog as a thank you for their hard work.

First up, our Real Estate Agent (he’s actually a Broker), Brandon Elizondo.  I should note here that Brandon was not our first agent.  We had another agent for about a week before we found Brandon.  Although she was OK, she seemed to have a hard time getting us into the houses we really wanted to see and didn’t seem too concerned about winning our business.  Brandon, on the other hand, was fantastic.  I could call him at 2 in the afternoon to tell him about a house I wanted to see and he would get an appointment set up that day.

I know he has other clients, but I never felt like he did.  He was literally at my beck and call.  He would answer my calls, emails and texts almost instantly.  I also loved how he never told me “no” about anything.  He would always say “I’ll make it happen” – and he would.  He would call the city for me, dig up tax records, knock on the doors of neighbors to ask questions … whatever I needed.  I never signed a contract with him (he didn’t ask for one) so I felt like he was always fighting to keep my business.  If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Salt Lake area, I highly recommend Brandon.  He did a fantastic job!

Next in line is our Mortgage Broker, Mike Yancey.  I honestly had no idea a mortgage guy could be so ‘hands on’ in the home buying process.   Mike was literally available to us 24/7.  We had lots of questions regarding loans and how to get the best rate possible.  Mike was able to answer all of those for us and offered great insight into the mortgage process.  I don’t think I ever heard his voicemail greeting because he would pick up the phone every time I called.  It didn’t seem to matter if it was early Saturday morning or 11 o’clock on a weeknight – he would always pick up my call or reply to my text.

We came away from the closing table feeling like Mike had really looked out for us financially.  I called around to several mortagage brokers in the weeks leading up to the closing to make sure I was getting the best rates/offers possible.  No one was able to beat the rates and offers Mike extended to us.  If you’re looking for a home or hoping to refinance, he has my full endorsement.

My home inspector is an entirely different story so he won’t be mentioned here.  If you know of a good one in the Salt Lake Valley area I hope you’ll leave a comment and let my readers know.  I didn’t realize how lack-luster mine was until after we moved in and found all the things he missed.  Luckily he had a money-back guarantee.

Here’s the contact info for Brandon and Mike.

Brandon Elizondo: Associate Broker, Keller Williams Realty
(801) 949-2711 – cell
(801) 838-1212 – fax  (email)

Mike Yancey: Sr. Loan Officer, CityWide Home Loans
(801) 747-1224 – office
(801) 755-5359 – cell  (email)

Thanks, everyone.  I promise I’ll be back with more tips and printables later in the week.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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