Friday’s Find: Free Birthday Gift Printable

Birthdays are a tricky thing.  Oh sure, for family and friends it’s a no-brainer to run out and spend cash on great gifts.  But what do you do about all those other birthdays that creep up on you during the year…teachers, neighbors, kid classmates, church friends, coaches?  You want to offer something nice to let them know you appreciate them but you don’t want to spend big money to do it.  Well, thanks to the suggestion of some helpful MeckMom readers, I’ve got a perfect solution for you.

It’s free birthday printable designed to make your life a little easier.  The free printable includes 4 craft baggie toppers so you can print an infinite number grab-and-go birthday gifts.  All you need is a pack of 3″ x 4″ craft baggies (I found mine in the beading section of WalMart’s craft area).  Simply print the free printable on heavy, white card stock and use a straight-edge cutter to trim the toppers.  To make a gift, just stuff the baggie with a gift card, small prize or your treat of choice and staple the topper on top.  Viola!  Instant little birthday gift.

Don’t you just love how versatile these are?  You could put a gift card and some fancy chocolates in for your favorite teacher, or cheap dollar store prizes for your kid’s friends.  They’d be perfect for Primary kids, or YW birthdays.  You could make a ton all at once and then keep a stockpile in the cupboard to use throughout the year.  You gotta love that!

Of course, if you want to really impress someone, you could hop on over to my Etsy shop and purchase the full 3-page printable.  It includes hershey kiss tags, cupcake toppers and sweet, coordinated happy birthday cards – all for the bargain price of only $4.95.  Isn’t that a steal?

Regardless of which printable you choose, this birthday set is guaranteed to make your gift-giving life a whole lot easier.  Just thought I’d pass it on.  Have a great weekend, everyone.

Here’s the file for you.

Download: Happy Birthday Baggie Toppers


  1. Sabby G

    LOVE these! Thanks. Do you have any that have “Thank You”? Those would be awesome to have too. Love you blog, so many fun ideas.

  2. So thankful for these and they are so perfect!! I just can’t figure out how to download them – I can’t find the file name.. Am I having a blonde moment?

    • MeckMom

      Hey Shannon, no, you’re not having a blonde moment, my site has issues lately. You should be able to get to the download if you click on the black file name (not the pink ‘download’ word). Sorry, I know that’s weird. For some reason my site won’t let me know mess with the whole link so it’s a bit tricky. Let me know if you still have trouble.

  3. This is just what I need for activity day birthdays. thank you!

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