Friday’s Find – My Favorite Totally-Unnatural Energy Booster

Last night I was up until about 1:30 catching up on emails.  At 5:15 my oh-s0-charming baby woke up bright-eyed and brimming with energy.  At last, around 7:45 he finally started yawning.  Sadly for me, that’s the exact same time my other 4 kids’ days are just beginning.

Since I have two little guys that sleep on totally opposite schedules and big kids who need rides, homework help, and dinner, a nap never really works out for me.  On days like this, I really only have two options: go through the day groggy and grumpy or find an alternative that will help me function.

Some people go for a jog or meditate to boost energy – not me, I go for the totally unnatural version.  I grab one of these handy little packets and dump it into my giant 24 oz Contigo water bottle.  Each packet contains 120 mg of caffeine so I don’t drink it all at once.  I just keep the bottle in the fridge and sip it throughout the day.

I used to have a hard time with this ‘fake energy idea’ but I don’t anymore.  In my mind I try to see these the same way I see headache medicine – to be used in moderation when the need arises.  You see, just being around my kids isn’t enough, they need a mom that is engaged and actively helping all the time.  I can’t do that with a headache so I take Tylenol –  I also can’t do it without adequate energy so on occasion, I drink this.

I know this isn’t an ideal solution.  Someday, my son will sleep through the night consistently.  Someday, my two year-old won’t destroy the kitchen every time I close my eyes.  Someday, I’ll be able to read, relax, and rest a whole lot more.  Until that day, I need a back up solution that helps me keep up with (and enjoy) my crazy life.  That’s why I keep a stash of these packets on the top shelf of my cupboard.  It’s not ideal, but works for me.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Alison Ward

    I’ve been off Mt. Dew for a week!! mostly because of the damage it’s doing to my teeth, and my pocketbook, and I’ve been living off these to curb the post-Dew headache. I didn’t know they had that much caffeine though, I’ve probably been overdoing it! I’ll have to cut back to one a day, and then find something to help me cut my addiction to the Energy water. Whatcha gonna do! Thanks for helping me feel a little less guilt about it.

  2. As a diet Coke addict who is not likely to stop soon because of a late night work schedule and early morning kids off to school (I go off caffeine every summer haha), this is fantastic news. And cheaper than my diet Coke habit. I even found that our local grocery store carries a generic that is a tiny bit cheaper. Haven’t tried the supercenter yet.

  3. It is good to know that even super moms need a little boost! 😉 I rarely drink caffeine, for no reason other than I am too lazy to rifle through the garage fridge to get a soda, but always laugh at how ‘easy’ life seems when I have a little dr pepper (my drink of choice) to fuel the fire!! I may have to buy a few of these crystal light packets. I have a trio of babies tearing up the house, and I am running out of steam!

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