Tech Tuesday – A Blu-ray Player that’s Worth Every Penny

I’m a big fan of technology.   Most women have a weakness for shoes, craft supplies, or jewelry…mine is gadgetry. You guys know I love finding tricks that my life easier.  Well, a great gadget offers me the same benefits.  It saves me time and helps me keep my crazy, unpredictable life on track.  The best gadgets do all those things and go one step further – they help me and my family have more fun.  After all, what good is a neat and organized life if it doesn’t have room for relaxation and recreation?

Since I know I can’t be the only girl who prefers a gift card to the Apple Store over a gift card to a craft store, I thought I’d dedicate one blog day a week to my tech passion.  I can’t promise they’ll all be cheap recommendations but I can promise that they’ll all be worth it.

I thought we’d kick things off today with a new addition to the Eckersley family technology stash. My husband bought this blu-ray player back in December and I have to admit – I’m a big fan.  We bought it because we’re big fans of internet TV and wanted a way to watch our favorite shows on the big screen rather than our computer monitors.  My husband did tons of research to make sure he got the perfect machine and this is the model he picked.

It’s called the Sony BDP-S570 and it’s pretty fabulous.  Not only does it offer gorgeous blu-ray/DVD picture quality (it even does 3D if you have it connected to the right TV) but it’s also loaded with tons of other cool features.  Here are just a few of my favorites…

  • Hulu Plus (so I never miss an episode of Modern Family or the Biggest Loser)
  • Netfilx (so my son can watch enjoy every Backyardigans ever made any time of day)
  • Pandora (so I can listen to my favorite stations while I clean)
  • Amazon (so I can skip the RedBox line and rent movies from home)
  • A front panel USB port (so I can plug in my camera, a flash drive, or a big external hard drive full of home movies)

As a cool bonus, Sony also offers a free iPhone app so I can use my phone to control the player rather than dig through the cushions to find the real remote.  Isn’t that fabulous?

We bought ours at Best Buy when it was on sale for $165.  I’m not sure if you can still find it at the price in the store, but I found it here this morning for only $157.  I know that seems like a lot but trust me, if you can completely cut your cable bills like we did, it pays for itself pretty quickly.

If you’re interested in a little more info, check out this review from cnet.  It gives you a great overview of the features.  Enjoy, tech-lovers.  More tech tips to come next week.


  1. Hey Maria, this really caught my attention when you said it would save on the cable bill…. Do you not have cable with this? I guess I have no clue what you can watch out there without it. I have so many shows on my DVR for viewing while I exercise, I am tempted to buy two-one for upstairs and down. Any more light you can shed on that would be much appreciated! Our cable bill is very high–and I think it is going up. I have 2 teens in the house, too. We can’t miss Glee! :)

    • Hey Lisa,
      No, I don’t have cable at all anymore. I just watch online TV. Hulu doesn’t have everything, but it has tons (including Glee). You should check out their site. We bought the Hulu Plus package so we could watch stuff on our iphones and ipads as well. Also, Hulu Plus allows you to watch the entire season of a show (rather than just the latest episode). I think it’s $9/month. It still has a few commercials per episode (which I find annoying since I pay for the service), but it’s much cheaper than the cable company. We pay $10/month for our Netflix because we opted to have online access as well as 1 DVD out at a time. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  2. Alison Ward

    We love our PS3 blue ray capability. With this, do you still have to pay the monthly fees to Netflix and Hulu Plus? or is it included in the price of the player? We don’t have cable either, a definite money saver!! and most TV shows are out there to be viewed other ways. Thanks for the tip!

  3. What about sports? That’s the only real reason I still have Dish. How do you all watch your Buckeyes?

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