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I’m mixing things us a little today.  I spent so much time creating and posting the printables last week that I ran out of time to add new sites to my facebook page.  I’d hate for you to miss out on these awesome Valentines ideas before the big day arrives so I’m bypassing facebook and adding a few of my favorite links here.  I hope you enjoy them.  Don’t forget to leave comments for these incredibly talented, hard-working bloggers who offered their genius up to the rest of us.  Share the love, ladies!  By the way, my new theme is having link issues so you’ll need to click on the blog name (rather than the pictures) to get redirected to their sites.  Sorry, I’m still working out the kinks.

Under the Sycamore (this one isn’t Valentineish but it was the only post that made it on my facebook page last week – I love it)

There are beautiful nurseries and then there are BEAUTIFUL nurseries.  This one is definitely the latter.  The DIY reading bed (made from old fork lift pallets) topped with the overflowing tissue ball cluster really wowed me.

Sassy Sites

I’m all for games that force my kids to say ‘I love you’ more – especially when it involves lots of chasing, sticking and laughing.  I can’t wait to try this.


You guys know how much I love a great printable.  Here’s a lovely one just in time for Valentines.

Mrs. Bettie Rocker

My kids adore these candy dots.  I had not idea you could make them yourself.  Check out this cool tutorial (don’t you just love her blog name?)

Design Aglow

Something about this valentine idea really won me over – I love the whole look of it.  I especially love her son’s expression in the pictures.  Priceless.


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