Best of MeckMom: Sick Day Roundup

For the record, I had every intention of blogging this month.  Unfortunately my immune system just didn’t cooperate.  Over the last six weeks my family has been slammed by a very persistant flu bug.  It went through all seven of us multiple times.  If I never see another cough drop wrapper or wadded up tissue it will be too soon.

Thankfully, I’m happy to report that we’re finally free of the germs!  I’m very anxious to get back to normal life and back to blogging.  I thought I’d kick things off with a little roundup of my favorite sick day posts – just in case any of you are battling some pesky bugs in your homes.

Simple Trick for Tissue Issues (love this one)

How to Organize Medicine in 3 Easy Steps

Marked Water Bottles – A Simple Sick Day Solution

Thanks for sticking with me, everyone.  I’ll thrilled to be back!


  1. Really liked marking the bottel idea. Using separate towel during this perios is also helful.

  2. Everyone else has probably thought of a full & empty tissue box but me, what a fantastic idea! My kids are always going through tissues upon tissues, missing the garbage, or even just leaving them out for the magic cleaning fairy to take care of. So thanks! Another tip I learned from you this weekend was to have popcorn at the Homework table. What a great idea to encourage homework – you only get treats if you are working, coloring, or something at the table. Why didn’t I think of that?

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