Ok, ok, I’m sorry.  I’ve completely neglected the blog for the last four weeks and I have no great excuses to offer.  Honestly, my life’s just been so jam-packed that I haven’t had a free night to myself in weeks.  Here are a few of the distractions that have kept me away…

  • Planned a surprise birthday road trip to my son’s ideal vacation destination

  • Baked 8 loaves of Challah bread for my family’s giant, week-long, Thanksgiving party

  • Watched my mighty Buckeyes trounce Michigan for the 7th straight year

  • Oh and I bought a Silhouette SD cutter and can’t seem to stop playing with it (I can’t wait to show you the cool stuff I’ve been creating)

Needless to say, it’s been a fun-filled November but now that December is here it’s time to get back on track.  There’s just too many great Christmas ideas floating around out there to keep them all to myself.  Thanks for hanging around, guys.  I’ll be in touch…I promise. ;)


  1. Now that sounds like a super duper jammed November! Wow, sounds like it has been fun.

  2. Kjersten

    Glad to see you’re back!! Also — oh my gosh! Do you live in southern california now? We do, and I would be so tickled to know you live nearby! I’m a big fan of your super-mom-ness! :)

    • Oh I wish, Kjersten! I’m actually in Utah now but sunny Southern California sound lovely on this chilly Utah day. :)

  3. Alison Ward

    SO glad you got a silhouette! Go super duper label maker! plus lots of other fun amazing stuff. I’ve been itching to try heat transfer vinyl that you can make t-shirt decals out of. Miss you guys!

  4. Kjersten

    Ah, well, we will be in Utah for Christmas, so I will wave to you then! ;)

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