Wickedly Dark Chocolate Kisses – a free Halloween printable just for you

Do you guys remember last May when I posted this little Thank You gift tutorial for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Well, hundreds of you downloaded it during the free week and dozens more have ordered it from my Etsy store over the past few months.  Since you all went out and bought 3/4″ & 2″ punches to create your cute jars I thought I’d whip up a Halloween version to help you put those punches to work.

The steps are the same as the Thank You gift jar but I’ll give a quick review for those of you who missed it the first time around…

Step 1: Gather Supplies & Crop

Print the file on heavy, white cardstock and then trim (you can find the file at the bottom of this post).  I like to use a 3/4″ circle punch, a 2″ fiskars punch and a simple straight edge cutter.

Step 2: Punch Circles

Turn over your 3/4″ punch and center it over a circle.  I designed the circles to be a bit bigger than 3/4″ to give you a little wiggle room in your cropping.

Step 3: Glue Dots to Hershey Kisses

I loved the vibrant purple color of the dark chocolate kiss wrappers but you could use any type (the little circles are the perfect size for Rolos or Reese’s PB cups as well).  Also, I prefer to use glue dots but a glue stick works in a pinch.

Step 4: Punch Large Circles

This part is totally optional, of course.  You could stop here and just toss the kisses in a cute Halloween bowl and munch away.  However, if you’re looking to add a little fanciness to your container you’ll want to keep going.  I found my 2″ punch at Michaels (if you want to get one, be sure to visit their website and print off a 40% off coupon first).  Again, I made the circles a bit bigger than 2″ to allow for a little wiggle room during cropping.

Step 5:  Jazz It Up

Add a hole to the 2″ circle with a standard hole punch and string it on a thin ribbon.  Tie it on to your favorite container.

Wouldn’t that be cute a Halloween party favor?  Or even as a sweet surprise tucked into your kids’ lunch boxes?  I added a tiny notecard to the file as well, just in case you wanted to give them as gifts to friends, teachers or neighbors.  I was going to add it to my store but since you guys love Halloween as much as I do I thought I’d post it for free.  Enjoy!  Here’s the file…

Download: Halloween Kiss Circles

*A little note: Please feel free to blog, tweet, facebook or email all your friends about this idea (in fact, I hope you do).  I just ask that you link directly to this post in your message – please don’t post the actual printable file on your sites.  Thank you!


  1. Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if you had any simple and fun ideas for me to give to my girls teachers (they are in JK & Gr 1) for Christmas (all female here). They also have female gymnastics coaches I would like to thank as well.

    I love your website.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Mandy, thanks for the question. Yes! I’ll be posting a new Christmas printable next week. It should be perfect for coaches and teachers. I’ll keep you posted.

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