Oh, how I'd love to be blogging right now…

See these cute little boys all bubbled up in a cozy kitchen-sink bath?

If you ever wonder why I don’t post more often…I want you to think of their charming faces.

That big one back there – he’s two.  The unfortunate age where he has the strength and balance to climb out of any crib but laughs with mischievous delight when I tuck him into a big boy bed.  Finally getting him to sleep is a ridiculously long ordeal.

That little guy in front – he’s 7 months old.  Guess how many nights he has slept for more than 4 hours straight?  2.  Yep, 2. That means the other 220+ days of his little life he’s been ‘bonding’ with me into the wee hours of the morning.

Oh yes, I’d love to be blogging right now but I’ve been battling those beautiful, bubbly boys all day … and I’m pretty sure I didn’t win.  It’s time to shut down the computer, flip on some Project Runway and gear up for another bout tomorrow.  Wish me luck.


  1. Oh Maria. This picture made my night! I laughed so hard–what a great shot! Miss those little guys. They’re so lucky to have you! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to hear that someone else also has kids that don’t sleep. My 3 yr old and 11mo. old usually hold out til 10 or 10:30pm. At least they mostly sleep through the night now. Good luck!

  3. Oh they’re adorable!
    “Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

    My almost 3 year old laughs and causes trouble ALL night long. They’re universally programed that way.

  4. My 2-year old has started this adorable, yet extremely frustrating habit of coming to his door and calling, “Mom, my out?” He does it repeatedly, until all of a suddend he is inches from my face. Half the time, I laugh. The other half, I cry. I’m sorry!

  5. Ugg you’re not giving me much hope for the next couple of months! I’ve gotten 5 hrs straight twice, so I guess that’s pretty good for 3 weeks?! Miss you guys!! I lost your cell number, long story, call me! or send me your number and I’ll call you ;-D

  6. Those boys are adorable in that picture. I hope you get some sleep soon. Thanks for sharing!

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