The Wanda Witch Party Roundup Post

I can tell it’s getting close by the emails coming in…that wonderful time of year when dozens of you readers anonymously invite all your friends to a big party and take on my favorite pseudonym…Wanda D. Witch.

I hosted my first Wanda Witch party 10 years ago and I’m still going strong.  We’ve done variations of it in 4 different states.  It’s been the source for new friendships and awesome memories we retell with friends to this day.  But the benefits don’t end there.  Some of my favorite family memories happened while my husband and I were out scouting for clue locations with our kids.  Here’s a picture of them last year as we were scouring the hills of Branson, MO for a good spot to hide a clue (I was pregnant with #5 at the time).

I’ve hosted loads of parties over the years, but I can definitely say that this one is still my all-time favorite.  If you’re looking for a way to kick up your Halloween status or build up your friendship base, this is definitely the party for you.

Several of you have mentioned in your emails that you’d like a quick refresher on the party concept – and that you’d like them all the steps & free printables in one place.  So for today’s post, I’ll be offering links to all the Wanda Witch info.  Remember, if you’re new to this party you’ll want to read the posts in order.

Wanda Witch: The Ultimate Halloween Party (intro to the party concept)

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 1 (getting started)

Download: WW_Guest_List_RSVP.doc

Download: WW_Guest_List_RSVP.pdf

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 2 (making a plan)

Download: WW_Party_Budget_Planner.doc

Download: WW_Party_Budget_Planner.pdf

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 3 (finding clue locations)

Download: WW_RSVP_Wording.pdf

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 4 (create invitations)

Download: WW_Sample_Invitation_(4.1×9.4_color).doc

Download: WW_Sample_Invitation_(4.1×9.4_grayscale).doc

Download: WW_Invitation_Envelope_Size10.doc

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 5 (gather supplies)

Download: WW_Sprinkler_Flag_Template.doc

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 6 (set up teams & plot locations)

Download: WW_Team_and_Clue Breakdown.pdf

Download: WW_Team_and_Clue Breakdown.doc

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 7 (create clues)

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Cauldron_Pumpkin.doc

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Cauldron_Pumpkin.pdf

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Eye_Snake.doc

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Eye_Snake.pdf

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Mouse_Witch.doc

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Mouse_Witch.pdf

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Skeleton_Bear.doc

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Skeleton_Bear.pdf

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Spider_Bat.doc

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Spider_Bat.pdf

Download: WW_Clue_Frames_Toad.png

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 8 (make trophies & send out captain instructions)

Download: WW_Captains_Instructions.doc

Download: WW_Captains_Instructions.pdf

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 9 (plan clue hunt agenda)

Download: WW_Clue_Hunt_Agenda.doc

Download: WW_Clue_Hunt_Agenda.pdf

Wanda Witch Party Plan: Part 10 (day of the party to-dos)

Download: WW_Emergency_Clues.doc

Download: WW_Emergency_Clues.pdf

Download: WW_Ending_Location_Sign.doc

Download: WW_Ending_Location_Sign.pdf

Download: WW_Ending_Location_Score_Sheet.doc

Download: WW_Ending_Location_Score_Sheet.pdf

Download: WW_Party_Planning_Schedule_Checklist.doc

Download: WW_Party_Planning_Schedule_Checklist.pdf

Wanda Witch Party Plan: RSVP Troubles? (what to do if no one is RSVPing)

Download: WW_followup_postcard_back.doc

Download: WW_followup_postcard_front.doc

2008′s Wanda Witch Clever Clue Giveaway (loads of great clue ideas in the comment section)

Hosting the Wanda Witch Party the Second Time Around (how to host the party w/out the anonymity)

2009′s New Wanda Witch Clue Ideas and Party Fun (fun new party twists and clue ideas)

Wow, that’s a lot of posting.  We hosted another successful party last Halloween and I can’t wait to share the details (and free printables) with you.  I’ll be posting all about it next week.

Good luck out there, Wandas!  I can’t wait to hear about your successes (I love it when you email me or send me links to your party recap blog posts).

*As a side note, if you have questions about certain aspects of the party please try to post them in the comments area of that particular post.  Lots of you have similar issues, so if you ask in the comments area it’s easier for other Wanda’s to learn from my replies.  Thanks!


  1. Okay, this is my third year, second year hosting. We are in a new neighborhood and would like to stay completely anonymous after the party so that we could host it again next year. How do we handle set up and take down? Does it make the end of the party a little awkward, seemingly without resolution?
    Thanks for everything! I am hoping to hear that our old neighborhood will be doing it again. We have had so much fun with this!

  2. BabyBella

    This is an amazing idea and I’ve been wanting to try it for the last two Halloweens! My one concern is that most of our social circle don’t know each other and we’re the common denominator. Is there a way to keep our anonymity when everyone we know shows up at the starting location, without people connecting the dots? I’ve thought about including people we don’t know at all (i.e. friends of friends) into the mix but would that be enough? Any suggestions would be welcome and thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hello Maria,

    I’m trying to access the links for your Wanda Witch printables and I keep getting an error ‘no results found.’ Could you help me? Thanks!

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