Keep Top-Rack Dishes in their Place with this Easy Trick

If you’ve got little kids, chances are you’ve got a lot of plastic dishes, sippy cups and bottles. As cute and handy as they are, they have this annoying little habit…they love to flip over in the dishwasher. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled out my top-rack to find a bunch of cups and bowls that look like this.

Gross. I hate getting splashed with the dirty dishwater that hangs out in flipped cups. Don’t you? Thankfully, one Cook’s Illustrated (one of my favorite magazines) reader had a great solution. It’s a simple trick that works like a charm.

Next time you have a top rack full of flip-able plasticware just toss a cooling rack on the top. It’s heavy enough to keep the cups and bowls in position yet open enough to let the soap and water work their magic.

It’s an easy trick that will make your next dishwasher unloading a whole lot easier. Just thought I’d pass it on.


  1. Thanks for sharing this idea! I was just complaining about this issue. I love my rainbow cups and bowls, but not how they always flip over. What a simple fix I can start doing TODAY! I found your blog ealier this summer and I have found such great ideas on your blog, I have great ideas for lunches, I have organized all my daughters hair items, & her bangs are growing out easily w/ small rubber bands that come out easy w/ a seam ripper, I’ve organized all the kids homework supplies, I even organized my purse w/ a clear make-up bag. Thank you so much!!!!


    • I love these kind of comments, Jennifer. You totally made my morning. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. Way to go on all your organizing improvements!

  2. Sue Barnes

    Wow!!! A great idea…. now if I could only get the kids to empty/load the dishwasher in the first place. Thanks!

  3. What a great idea! I will try it today! I hate using those little cups because I always end up washing them by hand! Now I can wash them with the rest!!! Thanks!!!


  4. washing cups n dishes are always a hectic problem for me, and splashing of those dirty waters are…ewwww! thanks for the post, liked reading it.

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