‘Cooler’ Cold Lunches Mini-Tip 5

We’ve finally made it to the end of the series.  I’m sure you guys are anxious to move on to other topics, but I have one more to share.  It was inspired by an idea I read about in Family Fun Magazine.  This cool lunch tip is probably my kids’ favorite; mostly because it gets them a lot of attention at the lunch table.  Thankfully it’s a cinch for me to create too.  I just pop the cap on a marker.

‘Cooler’ Cold Lunches Mini-Tip 5: Make Your Mark

You’ve probably been there.  You’re helping your child study for a test and find that the same spelling word manages to stump him over and over again.  You find yourself shouting out “don’t forget, coach is spelled with an OA and globe is spelled with an OBE ” as you drop him off at school on test day – hoping one last reminder will make it stick in his head.  Unfortunately for me, spelling tests happen at the end of the day and my morning reminders are long gone by then.  I could just leave a note in his lunchbox, I suppose, but that would be so ordinary.  It’s much more fun to write it on his lunch instead.

When my kids have a big test I try to give them an edible study sheet in their lunch.  I pick the two or three questions that they’ve been struggling with and incorporate the answers into their meal.  That way they have one more quick reminder before they take their tests.  Whether it’s the capital of Wisconsin or the name of the 16th president – a little bit of marker goes a long, long way.  Plus, since their classmates are usually taking the same tests that day it’s a win-win for everyone at the table.

Of course you could use the markers for other stuff too.  Write a joke, draw a picture, or give them a riddle to solve.  Anything goes.  It’s an easy way to add a little excitement to an otherwise dull, test-ridden day.

Just remember, the markers work best on smoother surfaces.  Here are a few things we’ve tried at our house with good success: bagels, tortillas, wraps, cheese cubes, pancakes, even the inside of Oreos.  I found my orange and black Wilton food markers at Michael’s on the halloween food end cap (by the cupcake sprinkles and cookie cutters).  The other colors came with a color-a-cookie kit I found at Target in the bakery section for less than $5 (complete with 4 hello kitty cookies to color).  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. Anonymous

    Too cool! Thank you for another great idea. Kinda sad this is the last post for this topic…don’t think everyone is glad it is.

  2. Anonymous

    That is the coolest thing EVER! I’m going to forward this to Kate to make sure she sees it and passes it along to parents! What an awesome way to practice vocab/spelling! The”good luck” banana is my favorite though!

  3. liked the innovative way to teach your children, i shall definitely try it out!!

  4. Love this idea, great find, keep up the great work.

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