‘Cooler’ Cold Lunches Mini-Tip 3

‘Cooler’ Cold Lunches Mini-Tip 3: Stick it to ‘Em

What’s true for state fairs is also true for cold lunches…any food is better if it comes on a stick.  Don’t ask me why, but in the eyes of kids, skewering something with a toothpick suddenly changes it from humdrum to totally fun.  I think it makes them feel fancier somehow…like they’re having appetizers off a silver platter rather than ordinary foods from a lunch box.

In fact, to up the fanciness one notch, I use these crystal toothpicks in my girl’s lunches (my son is far too manly – he gets the regular sandwich kind).  My mom found them in the clearance section of Bed, Bath & Beyond ($6 for a pack of 48).  Aren’t they cute?  As a bonus, they’re made of plastic so they can be rinsed and reused time and time again.

I use them for anything from grape kabobs to mini sandwich skewers (cut with small cookie cutters).  Lately I’ve made a few Lunchables knock-offs and added toothpicks just for fun.  I cut a few slices of turkey and cheese into squares with a pizza cutter after dinner and had the kids skewer them.  I stored them in the fridge and then threw in some ritz crackers the next morning before school.  So easy!  Just thought I’d pass it on.

Two more min-tips to go (are you sick of this topic yet?).  Thanks for all your comments, guys.  It’s great to know I’m not alone in my efforts to kick my hot lunch habit.

Speaking of food on a stick…here’s a pic of me (and my little guy) enjoying a delicious ‘Ear of Carmel Corn’ at the Eastern Idaho State Fair last week.  I guess my kids aren’t the only ones drawn in by the “stick it to ‘em” strategy.

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  1. I found what looks liek the same thing at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Light-Disposable-Party-Ready-Serve/dp/B0017KQ1OG

    $9.99 for 30. Same brand, but I couldn’t find them at BB&B online either. I love the idea!!

  2. Ok, so I was doing some serious toothpick shopping for the first time ever (ha ha)…since I have an almost 12 year old son who did not seem impressed with “jeweled toothpicks”, I found these as an alternative :


    They are disposable and boy would I hate to get a call from his principal about him injuring someone with these….

    and I know you may be thinking, “He’s 12…does he really NEED toothpicks in his lunch to entice him to eat and look cool amongst his peers?” Well, yes…:) I am thinking of doing it to my OWN lunches and I am 41 and want to look cool, too:)

  3. Meckmom,

    What a cute idea. My daughter will not eat a sandwich on bread. She eats turkey and cheese on ritz. She is only in kindergarten this year so I don’t have to worry about lunch at school yet. But I’ve been wondering what I would do when she does go to school. This is the perfect idea for her.

    Thank you for your creativity and willingness to share. Also, thanks to Kim for doing the toothpick shopping-those sword toothpicks are so cute!


  4. Anonymous

    You did it again!….another fun idea. Please don’t stop this topic. I think more moms than you know struggle with ways and even “recipes” for our kids lunches. These simple adjustments to lunchest, I think, makes such a diffrence. Thanks!

  5. My kids love skewered food too so I’ve definitely gotta try this in their lunches. Thanks!


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