‘Cooler’ Cold Lunches Mini-Tip 2

‘Cooler’ Cold Lunches Mini-Tip 2: Sneaky Sandwiches

My oldest son, Jack, loves peanut butter & honey sandwiches.  He would eat them everyday if I let him.  He’s not a big fan of wheat bread, however.  To give him a little boost of whole grain but still give him the softness he loves, I meet him halfway.  I use one slice of wheat and one slice of white.

I also use big cookie cutters to trim off the crusts.  I know what you’re thinking - a good mom would make him eat every crumb of that crust because there are starving children somewhere who would be grateful to have it (can you hear your mother’s voice in your head?).

This bugged me for a while too…until I realized that by cutting off the crusts my kids were about 99% more likely to actually eat the sandwich.  Since my goal is to get the food into my kids and not into the trash – the cookie cutter compromise works for me.  Plus, I can use the shapes to send a message.  This ‘good luck’ shamrock sandwich went with my daughter on the day of her big vocabulary test.

If you can’t bring your self to pitch the crusts you can still make a cool framed sandwich.  Just flip the shape over and wedge it back into sandwich.  The white side will act as a border for the wheat shape.  I found a huge selection of big cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby for just under $1 each.  More tips to come soon…just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. Erin Transfiguracion

    I know I’ll sound like a total loser—how bad is it that I recognize that you live in Utah from the bread in this picture? haha Oh I miss that wonderful, tasty bread. I have a great story about that stuff. Yes, I’m a dork. And I miss the bread out there.

  2. Meckmom. As I made my son’s lunch this morning I thought, “I wonder what other moms do to make cold lunch “cool.” My son only likes a few hot lunch choices so we do cold lunch most of the time. I am excited to see your other posts. Thanks and glad to have you back!


  3. I’ve been looking at the “lunch punch” type cutters, which are so expensive, I never thought to look for oversized cookie cutters at hobby lobby! thanks for the tip!

  4. I LOVE grandma sycamores!! We fill up every free square inch of our car with that bread every time we come back from a visit to UT. On my to-do list: call and beg them to start selling it here!!

    All of your lunch tips are wonderful! I will start using them right away and see how it works! Some of these ideas are great for kids at home too… mine get bored with eating sometimes and I know they would eat more if it were more ‘interesting’ :)


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