Kick Off the Year in Style with a School Year’s Eve Party

There’s no avoiding it.  The long, lazy days of summer are winding down.   Soon my kids will be heading back to school and saying goodbye to late bedtimes and hanging out in their pj’s til noon.  It’s a rough transition for the whole family so we like to kick things off with one last night of family fun before the school year begins.  I call it our School Year’s Eve party.

Now before you give me too much credit you should know that I read about this idea on Cookie Magazine’s website a year or two ago.  They recommended hosting a big neighborhood party the night before school begins and inviting all the local kids to celebrate (the picture above was submitted by one of their readers).  As great as that idea was, the thought of creating banners, invitations, games and cute snacks sounded like way to much work for me.  So, I opted to downsize the idea to include just our family.

Honestly, we really didn’t do anything extraordinary.  We began with the usual night-before-school-starts stuff.  We loaded up all their backpacks, packed their lunches, and set out their first-day-of-school clothes.  Next, we feasted on a big breakfast dinner because my kids love pancakes and bacon more than just about anything.  After that, I filled my big jetted tub with bubbles and let them each take a soak (usually my tub is off limits so this was a big treat).

Once they were scrubbed up, we popped a bag of popcorn and curled up on the couch for one last summer movie.  During the movie I gave the girls manicures and drew a cool tattoo on my son’s arm – just for fun.  Once the movie wrapped up, we shouted out a big “happy school year’s eve” and headed off to bed.  I think this year I may take a few videos of the kids describing what they hope to accomplish in the coming year.  Wouldn’t that be fun to look back on in years to come?

Like I said, it wasn’t fancy.  It took absolutely no prep work and cost me nothing.  It was just one more way to make some happy family memories before the school year (and all the schedules and stresses that come with it) begins.  If your kids are heading off to school soon, you may want to give this easy family fun idea a try.  Just thought I’d pass it on.


  1. What a great idea. I love that you made it so easy – I can’t take anymore stress this time of year!

  2. What fun! Thank you for sharing this idea. I’m sure to try it!

    Love, bree

  3. What a fun idea. Tonite is our school year’s eve and I wish I’d heard about this earlier, I would love to have tried it. That picture of the cute little feet sticking out of the bathtub is so whimsical and fun!

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