Where the devil has MeckMom been?

Yet again, I have to apologize for my lack of posts lately.  We’ve been a little busy around here getting ready for yet another move.  That’s right – this one makes 9 moves in just 12 years.  All 9 have been packed up and hauled by my big, tough husband and myself (with a little help from some fabulous friends and family along the way).   Thanks to some ‘minimize, don’t organize’ advice from the Lazy Organizer we decided to purge a lot of excess before this move.  We were determined to sell, give away or pitch anything we didn’t need or love…goodbye college furniture…we wont miss you.  Consequently we managed to cram our 2600 sq. ft. house into one 16 ft. pod.

Here’s how the week started…see how happy we look?  Notice how my husband is holding up my office armoire with just one hand.  Isn’t he awesome?

Here’s how the week ended.  You’ll notice we’re not in this one…we weren’t as happy by this point.  We were exhausted and grumpy.

Now do you see why I haven’t been around lately?  My life has been a series of garage sales, craigs list visits, and trips to WalMart for more pretzel M&Ms (hey, a girl needs fuel).  I’m taking the weekend to recouperate and then I’ll be back blog work.  Until then, I hope you enjoy a fabulous 4th of July!  Thanks for your patience.


  1. Uggg, I’m in the middle of a move as well and can so relate to this post. Although I definitely wish I was on the other side of it already looking back. This packing up to move to another province is work that is for sure. Did you move to another city? Oh and I have to ask, what are pretzel M&M’s?

    All the best!

  2. I cannot believe you are moving again. That really stinks for you.

    On the bright side, you will be able to throw another fabulous wanda witch party for the new people you want to meet in your new area. Lucky them.

    Good luck with everything. You are a trooper.


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