Tackling Laundry Mini-Tip 5

Ok, ok.  I know I said I was done talking about laundry but four tips just seemed like a weird place to stop.  Sorry, these things bug me…I can’t explain it.  Additionally, my site is having issues displaying posts on the home page lately (big changes are coming soon) so I thought I’d add one more post to the laundry series and provide quick links to all five.

Tackling Laundry Tip 5: What You Give is What You Get

I’m not sure how it happens but my big kids must peel off their clothes like you’d peel a wrapper off a candy bar.  Every time I fold laundry I end up with boatloads of jeans, t-shirts, and socks that are flipped inside out.  In my nicer-mom days I would take the time to flip them all right-side out while I was folding.  Now that I have 7 people to fold laundry for I have to be a little more savvy.  I save myself time by returning their clothes to their baskets exactly as they came.

Clothes fold just as neatly inside out as they do right-side out so why waste flipping them around?  Why not let your big kids (and husbands) do that work for themselves?  Trust me, once they know that clothes don’t magically appear perfectly in their drawers they’ll pay a little more attention to how they take them off.

I follow the same principle when it comes to socks.  I don’t flip them or match them.  I just toss them into their baskets and let them figure it out.  Every six months or so we dump out their sock drawers and pitch anything that’s missing a match.  It’s a simple system that saves me time and effort.  That makes it a keeper in my book.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. hum.. Our kids aren’t quite old enough for this tip but I will keep it in mind. I would have loved to see the expression on your kids face the first time the pulled out their T-Shirt and it was inside out. You are right though, there is not reason they can’t do it themselves. To that point? Why not just have them fold the laundry? :-)

  2. Kathy P

    LOL I have been doing this for a few years, mainly because it saves me time! I do give the benifit of the doubt, if there is one leg or sleeve the right way, I will turn it the right way to hang. Other than that, fold it as I find it and they never come downstairs in inside out clothes, so they must know how to do it themselves lol

  3. I’ve been doing this for quite awhile now. My kids & husband don’t seem to care…At least I haven’t heard any complaints… Laundry is my pet peeve (Dishes are my husband’s….I could let them back up all week!!!)… it bothers me when things aren’t ‘just so’…. but, I’ve gotten over myself…. I just started putting all the colored & darks together… I can’t quite bring myself to put whites in there too… We’ll see if it makes a difference in a month or so… Your laundry blog has really had me look at how efficient things were going & if we should change things up. Love your posts… Thanks for all the great tips & ideas.

  4. Great idea, MeckMom. My kids are old enough now to deal with this on their own, and since that’s been bugging me lately, I’m gonna start letting THEM deal with it! :)

    Here’s another quick tip for ya. When my kiddos were little (4, 2, and newborn) I could pretty much wash all their clothes from the week in one load together since the clothes were so little. So, I’d buy the Clorox Color Grabbers (they look like a box of dryer sheets, but are designed to pull dyes out of the water so they don’t wind up in your clothes) and wash everything of theirs (whites, darks, colors) all in ONE load! Saved SO much time not having to separate into piles and mix with parent clothing, too. Just thought I’d share. :)

  5. Sarah

    That is the best idea ever! I spend forever in socks & inside out shirts. I’m going to implement your plan asap. I owe you (although my kids & hubby might not appreciate it).

  6. I love this, and I use this idea myself. It doesn’t stop them from taking them off wrong you’d thnk after awhile they’d catch on but no! =) great tips thanks again!

  7. Kati Resnick

    Hi. Just read your blog for the first time. So cute. I have a tip for you. I know many people would be appalled that I don’t separate my clothes into whites, and darks loads. But I don’t. I separate my loads into the people they belong to. ALSO, I have my kids (boys: 10 and 8) do their own laundry. I start the washer, but they are responsible for turning socks right side out, turning clothes right side out, checking pockets, etc. They put the stuff in the washer. I have to switch the load from washer to drier. But they take their own clothes out and fold them themselves. They hang their shirts (and we have already been doing the “bring the hanger to the clothes” thing.), fold their jeans, fold pj’s. match up socks….. So, each kid has ONE load of laundry each week. And I have so much less work to do! I don’t know how old you kids are, but mine started doing their own stuff (with supervision) at about 6 years old. Granted, it’s not as perfectly folded or hung as when I do it. But who cares. I started this system because I hated having to look at the tags to see who’s shirt it was (grandma likes to buy matching clothes. And although they don’t wear them on the same day, most likely they wear the same shirt in the same week.) So doing one kids clothes at a time saved me aggravation. When they got old enough to help, it gave them responsibility. With what, 5 kids,,,, you could probably use a break from some laundry! And I never have dark/white/color bleed issues. And anything especially soiled or new, I do by itself. Have an awesome day. Kati Resnick

  8. Kati Resnick

    OOPS, my boys are 10 and 8. LOL cute smilie face though.

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