Tackling Laundry Mini-Tip 4

For some mysterious reason, mini-tip number 3 has disappeared from the home page.  It shows up in the archives, it shows up in the search but won’t show on the home page where it belongs.  After trouble-shooting unsuccessfully for the last 30 minutes, I’ve decided to admit defeat and just post the link for you.  WordPress: 1, Maria: 0.  Dang it, I hate losing to machines.

Here’s the link to Tackling Laundry Mini-Tip 3

Laundry Tackling Tip 4: Hang Out Outside the Closet

I used to dread hanging clothes.  It seemed to take forever and I didn’t like being cooped up in the closet.  As I mentioned before I like to watch Hulu on my laptop while I do laundry.  A few months ago it occurred to me that I could do most of the work outside the closet if I simply brought the hangers to the clothes rather than the other way around.

Now while I sort ‘Parent’ clothes I make a stack of shirts that need to be hung.  Then, I go to the closet, grab a bunch of empty hangers and bring them to the bed.  I slide the hangers into the shirts one at a time and stack them into ‘his’ and ‘hers’ piles.  When I’m through making piles I grab the entire stack of hangers and hook it on the closet rod.  Thankfully, Hulu’s commercial breaks are about 15 seconds which is about how much time it takes me to get from the bed to the closet and back.  Isn’t that handy?  Thank you Hulu for being so considerate of my laundry needs – now I never miss a moment of Modern Family or Lost.

Here’s one more cool laundry link for you.  Meredith over at the lovely site Penelope Loves Lists recommends ignoring your laundry all together as an organization strategy.  Check out her interesting approach here.   Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great tips and the mention here. Loving what you’re doing on your blog.


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