Tackling Laundry Mini-Tip 3

Laundry Tackling Tip 3: Incentivize to Minimize

When it comes to caring for their clothes my kids are pretty lazy.  I’ve explained time and time again that jeans and pajamas can be worn a few times before being washed but it never seemed to sink in.  Each time I’d fold the laundry I’d find tons of jeans and pjs – most of which didn’t need to be washed.  To make matters worse when my kids cleaned their rooms they would often drop perfectly clean clothes into the hamper just to avoid putting them away.  Grrr!

To curb this problem I created an simple incentive system.  After I fold the kid laundry I make a quick count of jeans and pjs (I sort each kids pile into three piles according to their drawers – shirts, pants, and pjs – everything else gets tossed in their basket).  The kids with the lowest number of jeans and the lowest number of pjs get a 50 cent bonus added to their big board bank.  Any clothes I find that have not been worn that week cause a 50 cent deduction.  Within 2 weeks of trying this new system I found my kid laundry piles had gone down by almost half.  Regardless of what motivations you choose for your family, this simple solution is a great one to have in your laundry arsenal.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

I rarely hang kid clothes because I really like my drawer system.  If you’re a hanger-style Mom you should check out this cool trick from Apartment Therapy showing you how to hang 10 shirts in 10 seconds.

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  1. I’ve tried the $ thing… but this works better for me. They fold their own. The more they get dirty the more they have to fold..HA!

  2. ..or DON’T get dirty for that matter.

  3. Heather Barber

    Thanks for the laundry tips I have four kids and there ages are 10, 8,7,7 plus my husband and I. I have been so overwelmed by my laundry. So thankyou for sharing your tips and ideas.

  4. I have that same problem. I find belts and hats and all sorts of stuff in that laundry basket. I’ll try this idea.

  5. That’s so funny – that tip, it’s from my cousin Sarah Rae Trover! She’s a frequent contributor to that site. Small world.


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