Tackling Laundry Mini-Tip 2

Laundry Tackling Tip 2: Get the Right Equipment

You’ll spend countless hours of your life lugging, sorting, and folding laundry.  So why not get supplies that make the job a little easier?  These smart, stacking laundry baskets are among my favorites.  I usually fold laundry on the kitchen table or my bed but I hate constantly bending over to reach the clothes.  These cool baskets from WalMart solve that problem for me.  When the handles are folded in the baskets stack, allowing me to grab clothes from the top without any bending.  When the handles are out, the baskets nestle inside each other and tuck away neatly.  As an added bonus they also have wheels which makes moving my laundry (and my toddler on occasion) tons easier.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

Looking for another great laundry link?  Check out this handy stain-fighting site.  Just plug in your specific stain and it will give you a host of home-based treatment options.  My favorite stain fighters?  Liquid Tide poured directly on the stain and generic Oxy Clean added to the load.  How about you? What laundry tools do you love?

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  1. can’t live without Spray’n’wash…and I’ve tried tons but I’d never use anything but TIDE….and I’m usually a generic kinda girl.

  2. I’m just discovering your blog and I’m so glad I did! I’m going to print off your mom game plan and get to work. I also have 5 kids and laundry is one of my biggest tasks. But I’m going to implement your idea of different laundry on different days and try to get some of those really great laundry baskets. Thanks for the tips! BTW, I can’t do laundry without Melaleuca products. They make stain-fighting much easier.


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