Simple Trick for Tissue Issues

As I mentioned last week, we’ve had more than our share of sickness lately.  Between the seven of us, we’ve burned through a lot of tissues.  However, mysteriously, I seem to be the only one that can manage to get them into the trash can.  I find used tissues stashed by the sides of their beds, wadded up near the couch and pretty much everywhere else a tissue box is stashed.  I hate picking up the nasty little tissues as much as the next Mom, so I came up with this simple trick for making a mobile trash bin for used tissues.

All you need to create it are two boxes of tissues and a few rubber bands.

  1. Open the side of one box and pull out the entire fold of tissues.  Place the whole fold into a ziploc bag – you’ll use it to refill for your other box later.
  2. Re-fold the flaps of the empty tissue box and place the two tissue boxes together.  Be sure to sandwich the side that has the open fold.
  3. Snap on two rubber bands to hold the two boxes together.

There you have it.  An instant tissue trash can!  Now you can send your child to bed (or anywhere else) with a box of tissues and a place to put the used ones.  Isn’t that great?  To empty the used tissues just pull off the rubber bands, reopen the side flaps and dump out the old tissues into the trash.  If you run out of clean tissues before the cold breaks just open the side flap of the clean box and refill it with the tissues from the ziploc bag.

It’s a simple fix that costs almost nothing and will save you from picking up loads of germy tissues.  Trust me, I’ve wiped enough little noses to know.  Just thought I’d pass it on.


  1. You are without a doubt the most creative gal on the planet!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! So, do you have any great ideas for storing my daughter’s barbies???? That is my latest dilemma!!

    • Barbies, their clothes, and most of their smaller accessories can be stored in a hanging shoe bag with clear pockets.

  2. What a great idea! So simple, and so useful. I HATE dealing with other people’s used tissues. Ick.

  3. Oh my gosh! What a WONDERFUL idea! I will be sending my son a nice setup for his runny nose tonight! (He’s 12, you’d think he could find a trash can, but NO!)

  4. Ellen Marie Pike

    You come up with such CREATIVE organizing methods. I love this idea.

  5. Why is it they can’t throw their snot rags away? I just don’t get it and it TOTALLY grosses me out! Good solution!

  6. Very smart! I’m stealing this idea

  7. So obvious but I never thought of it – well done!

  8. Shannon K

    I found this yesterday,(we still had a runny nose) and as soon as showed DD she WANTED to blow her nose just to use it. great idea! “when” I get it, I am sure I will like also. TIA

  9. Very clever!!! I know I will be using this idea this winter. Thank you!
    I’d like to share what I do with these empty square tissue boxes. I keep one on my dryer to put the used dryer sheets in. I use a used dryer sheet to wipe the lint off the dryer’s lint filter and into the trash, then throw it away.
    Thanks again!

  10. Love it! Simplicity at it’s best!

  11. Karen Taylor

    What an ingenious idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. This is one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen in a long time! Shared your brilliance here:


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