New Sponsor Shout Out

I want to take time today to introduce you to my newest blog sponsors.  These wonderful companies help support this blog financially and enable me to continue to provide you with great content each week. If you enjoy the ideas and posts you see on MeckMom I hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit and patronize their shops.

  • Shmanessa8 Flowers
    Looking for a simple way to banish the winter blahs in your wardrobe?  Try adding a few of these gorgeous one-of-a-kind blooms into your accessory collection.  Shmanessa8 Flowers was created by a stay-at-home Mom with an eye for beauty.  Her shop features loads of flowers for both girls and women.  Each bloom is made by hand and is completely unique.

  • Signs of our Time
    The mother of two behind this shop is an acclaimed artist from Springville, UT.  Her original artwork has been sold all over the country in stores like Target, Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s.  She has over 350 fabulous designs and is constantly adding new pieces to her collection.  You can find her work in both her Etsy shop and on her website.

Interested in becoming a MeckMom sponsor?  Rates begin as low as $10 per month.  Get the details by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks Maria! Great write up! You’re so sweet!

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