Reader’s Choice – Top 20 MeckMom Ideas

Happy 2010, everyone!  Thanks for putting up with my month-long hiatus as I enjoyed some quality holiday time with my family.  I have loads of tips to share with you this year and I’m anxious to get started.

I thought I’d kick things off this year by featuring some of the best ideas from the past several years.  Back in November, I asked you guys to submit your favorite MeckMom ideas so I could create a quick reference guide for new readers.  Thankfully, you guys were very generous in your replies.  I’ve compiled your comments and emails and created a quick list of your 20 top favorites.  They’re not in any particular order (mostly because I’m too lazy to figure out which ones got the most votes) but they’ll be a great reference for any new MeckMom readers.  So, if you’ve got a friend or family member that could use a quick shot of organizing tips this new year, I hope you’ll pass this post on.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure if you noticed, but I now have a Facebook fan page devoted entirely to all things MeckMom.  On it I post links to all my new posts, random quick tips, link to posts from my archives, as well as links to other websites I find fun and helpful.  I also have a Twitter page that feeds from my Facebook posts.  If you’re interested in joining me on Facebook or Twitter, I’d love to have you.  Just click here to become a fan – MeckMom’s Facebook Page or MeckMom’s Twitter Page.

  1. Wanda Witch: The Ultimate Halloween Party
    Wanda Witch Invitations
  2. The Mom Game Plan Chart
    Mom Game Plan v2_1
  3. The Family ‘Big Board’
    Big Board Wall Organizer
  4. The Important Documents Binder
    simple binder system
  5. Cheap and Easy Birthday Party Gift
    Birthday Baking Gift
  6. 3 Must-Have Tools for Easier Hair Styling
    Hairstyle Tools
  7. Scripture Stickers – Helping Your Kids Connect with Their Scriptures
    GAK Scripture Stickers: Step 7
  8. Under-bed Daily Clothes Organizer
    Under-bed daily clothes organizer
  9. Easy Idea for Managing Kid Towels
    Towel Loops
  10. Labeling – Key to Kitchen Organization
    Kitchen Labels 2
  11. Fast Fridge Fix
    Fridge Lazy Susan 1
  12. Quick and Easy Reward System for Kids
    Quick and easy Reward System for your kids
  13. Adorable, Easy Hair – Pixie Flips
    Pixie Flips
  14. An Easy Way to Keep Homework Organized and Out of the Way
    blog_homework box 2
  15. Keep Your Car Cleaner with this Under-the-Seat Solution
    Under the seat car cleaner
  16. A Simple Way to Control Mail Clutter
    simple file system
  17. Creative Discipline for Kids
  18. Quick & Easy Hair Accessory Solution
    Hair Accessory Organizer Close-Up
  19. Control Pantry Mess for Less Than $30
    Pantry Bin Dessert Supplies Box
  20. Fun Kid Birthday Traditions
    Birthday Doughnut Tower

Thanks for all your fabulous feedback over the years, guys.  I look forward to another great year of finding simple solutions to make everyday life a little easier…and passing them on to you!


  1. I love your stuff. I have implemented almost every idea you have shared and love all of them! thank you!

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