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talk-to-me-tuesday-logo1It seems hard to believe, but it’s been almost four years since I started my first MeckMom blog.  A friend of mine had asked me to teach a women’s class on family-friendly organization so I ran around my house snapping photos of my ideas.  After the class, several of the women asked me to email the pictures to them so they could remember the solutions we had discussed.  I, of course, was too lazy to write down all those email addresses so I opted for the next best thing – a blog.

To be honest, I never really expected anyone to read it – and I’m pretty sure that, at the beginning, very few were.  But thanks to the prodding of my super-supportive husband and my ever-enthusiastic sister, Mindy, I kept posting.  Now, several years later, there are loads of you out there.  Some of you have been around for years and a bunch more pop in for the first time every day.  It’s that last group I’m trying to help out with today’s post.  I know it can be a bit difficult to know where to start when you first happen upon my blog.  So my goal is to create a ‘best of MeckMom’ post that can hang out at the top of my blog and give new readers a great introduction to the MeckMom way of doing things.

For today’s Talk To Me Tuesday post I’m asking for your help to find the best MeckMom posts of the past 3 and a half years.  Which MeckMom idea have you tried at your house?  Were there any posts that jumped out at you as a particularly helpful or creative?  If you were going to recommend MeckMom to a friend which post would you mention?  I know it seems like I’m begging for compliments here but I’m really not.  I’d just like to create a great little quick-reference list for new readers to enjoy.  Additionally, your feedback will really help me know which type of posts you guys would like to see more of in the future.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but your feedback is really important to me.  So even if you’ve never sent in a comment before, I hope you’ll add your vote to this post.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be your all-time favorite, just a quick note about a post that has helped you make your everyday life a little easier.  As a little incentive, I’m offering the winning commenter a MeckMom exclusive – a great new conversation game I’ve created called Chatterbox.  I’ll be posting more about Chatterbox later this week but trust me, you’ll want to get in on this giveaway.  How’s that for a teaser? 😉

The giveaway will be open all week and the winner will be chosen at random next Tuesday (Oct 11th) at midnight CST. I’ll contact the winner via email and post the winner’s comment name here.  Good luck, everyone!  As always, to those of you who comment, thanks for passing it on.

*This giveaway is now closed (but please feel free to keep commenting).

And the winner (randomly chosen by the iPhone app, iChoose) is… #21– Mikelle! Thank you so much for all your feedback.  I loved reading all the comments this week!  It’s so fun for me to know that you guys are actually getting something helpful from all my ramblings.  I’ll be creating the Reader’s Favorites page with all the links soon.  Congrats on your big win, Mikelle.  I’ll be contacting you via email today.


  1. It’s really hard to pick just one thing that I’ve liked about your ideas. There are so many that I think “Oh, what a great idea!” So all you newcomers – you can’t go wrong where you start.

    But..if I had to pick just one, I would say that I loved the birthday gift idea where you put together a cooking kit with a personalized apron for the birthday child. I loved that it was a creative, inexpensive, easy, and buy-ahead idea for birthday parties! My oldest child is only two, but when she’s a little older, we are totally going to do this. Thanks for passing it (and all the other ideas) along!

  2. Amy Simmons

    I LOVE the idea of the seam ripper to break the elastics in my girls ponytails. I also love the round loop to keep all the ponys in one place- those are my favs and a few of the many thngs I have tried with great success!
    thanks so much!

  3. I incorporated your homework drawers on wheels for my elem. kids and it has been a life saver. I used one I already had and made it work. No more lost papers, “Where’s a pencil?”, etc. Love it!

  4. My favorite idea so far is the Santa bags for your kids to save time/sanity around Christmas. So far my family consists of myself, my wife and our six month old, but who wouldn’t want to have a bag to play in the days leading up to Christmas?

    Thaks MeckMom,


  5. My favorite is the boxes under the bed to store each day’s outfits. :)

    I have also used the birthday cake/apron gift, cutting a king quilt for bunk beds (adding a little to that idea by sewing on a cheap sheet to the cut side so it really stays tucked in), and Christmas bags. There are some things that I was already doing – meds drawers and shoe arrows. In general I just love the inspiration to organize – whether it’s your idea or mine! :)

  6. Anonymous

    I have loved your scripture stickers and we have had fun with the Wanda Witch party for 2 years and counting! I also used your divided white board to organize kid’s info. Thanks for such great ideas!

  7. Kelly Titmus

    Saying the Wanda Witch Party would be WAY too easy. That was the best party ever and I still need to post it on my blog.
    I have told so many people about your scripture stickers and have used them and made them for gifts.

    My favorite organizational tool that I have adopted is the Quick & Easy Hair Accessory Solution. I even saw it in my girlfriend’s bathroom after I told her about it

    I know I should use more of your ideas! I do tell plenty of people about your site, especially since I was revealed as Wanda.

  8. I really like the Mom Game Plan, I am inspired when I look at that. Your blog really helps me wrap my mind around keeping things sane and organized and fun. Thanks!

  9. Love the Wanda Witch party. I had a blast with my neighbors last year when I planned one.

  10. We’ve loved your game suggestion of hyperdash and given it at a few birthday parties. We like underbed boxes for easy weekday mornings. We like morning-at-night prep of lunches and backpacks. I’ve also cut a quilt in half for our twin beds. I’m sure there are more, but that’s just off the top of my head. I like seeing an intelligent woman using her creativity and solution finding skills on the home front. It’s cool.

  11. Oh my, I’ve used so many. I (and my girls) love your pixie flips hair style. I love your charts and made the Mom Game Plan and easy-access weekly planner – which of course necessitated my buying a laminator which also was a product I learned about from you. I am so glad you are sharing your ideas with us!

  12. I am good at organizing everything but paper. So my favorite posts have to do with managing the never ending cycle of paper that enters my home.

    1. P-Touch labeler (I remember when I first learned of this back in good old Erie). It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas that year. I label everything with it now.

    2. Cupboard stash spots-I, like you, hate refrigerator clutter. I use this for my weekly menu plan, quick cooking reference list, etc.

    3. Important Docs binder and other binder ideas: I love the binder idea for all of the kids’ school and sports schedules. It keeps it all in one place, off my fridge but with easy access.

    4. Seam ripper for hair thingy removal-my 4 y/o thanks you.

    5. Homework supply organizer and family inboxes. I just finished up the inboxes for my kids papers when they come home from school. I mainly use it as a place to stash their school work until I can throw it out when they are not looking. They are always so heart broken when they find their treasured artwork in the trash.

  13. There are are so many ideas that I have enjoyed these past years, but the ones I have found the most helpful to me have been the spice bin organization idea, the Family Planner on white board, and the birthday cooking kit. Please keep them coming.

  14. I think my favorite idea was the organizational clothes container for the week. With having three kids and one more on the way, planning clothes for school days was always a challenge and time consuming. Having outfits planned out for the week has been a lifesaver and has also reduced the amount of laundry in our house and the kids don’t have to decipher which clothes are the play clothes for the weekend. Loved this one!

  15. The post that has made the most difference in my organizing was the one about binder organization for important documents. I love being able to grab and go when it comes time for registering kids for school, etc. Thanks!

  16. I love the homework supply organizer but one of my all time favorites are the family inboxes – what a great way to keep a busy family more organized with WAY less clutter!

  17. Your simple keeping your car cleaner idea. With the bags in the car… I love that idea. I love your organization ideas! You are great!

    PS I would love a chatterbox for “sisters” weekend!

  18. Pat Sullivan

    I liked the 3 Tips for Easier Christmas post. So easy to get rid of the extras and use hairbands for keeping the roll wrap under control. By doing these small things I was able to get the christmas clutter reduced. Thank you so much.

  19. I love the Quick & Easy Hair Accessory Solution. I have four daughters and right now all their hair accessories are sorted in ziplock bags in a drawer but when they take them off they never seem to find their way back to the bags. I think this is the perfect solution. I also bought Hyper Dash and Wig Out and my family has loved playing them.

  20. I have enjoyed and used a lot of your ideas. My favorite one was probably your most simple idea. I loved the idea of using empty crystal light containers for holding plastic grocery bags. This is now how I store all my bags. I use those bags for trash bags. I keep one in the car, one in the bathroom, one in the diaper changing basket, etc. That was your most helpful tip for me. Thanks so much and keep them coming!


  21. I love all your tips and ideas. My favorite tip was probably your simplest one. I loved the idea of keeping plastic grocery bags in empty crystal light containers. I use them for trash bags so I keep one container in the car, one in the bathroom, one in the diaper changing basket etc. What a great idea. Thanks so much and keep them coming!


  22. I have several of your posts saved in bloglines. I love the Monster Catchers, Functional closet post & all the gift wrapping tips. I also of course love the Wanda Witch posts & any post that has some kind of free printable, lol

  23. I never comment, but I am so glad that I discovered your blog.
    In general, I love being organized but coming up with ideas/solutions does not necessarily come easily to me, so I really appreciate that you are willing to pass along all your great ideas — thanks!

    I love and have implemented the important documents notebook (it made getting passports for our whole family a LOT easier!) and the kitchen cupboard organization tips. I also have used the family bank, as well as the weekly planner for my school-age daughter. Pixie flips quickly became a favorite for me to use with my girls (I have three), and I LOVE the birthday baking kit idea — I have already used that a few times. Your Mom Game Plan also inspired me to make a spin-off chart for a meal-time schedule, which was an area that we were having trouble with. (And the chart really helped!)

  24. Wanda Witch is probably my favorite blog post on ANY blog that I’ve ever read! As far as organization goes, I like the ones about the swimsuit shower hooks and the daily clothes organizer.

  25. I love all of the ideas I’ve read from this blog so far, but the ones I have already put to use include the aluminum foil in the toothbrush drawer and using a sewing pin magnet as a bobby pin holder… genius! Thanks for all the great tips!

  26. I am one of the new people that stumbled upon your blog and already I have read most of you posts… What can I say.. I know a good thing when I read it! I must say my favorite posts so far have been your Back to School Solutions 1-4. I can’t tell you the sanity you have saved me. My daughter is now getting ready herself and I feel my job as mommy to teach her to be responsible is finally starting to be sucessful. Thank you and keep the organizing ideas coming!

  27. I love all the organizing ideas. As a person who struggles in that area, I find your tips easy to implement. And they really help my family!

    I also love the wanda witch party, but I haven’t tried it yet – maybe next year!

  28. Maria,

    What can I say? I just love you. Really, I do. This may sound a little cheesy at first but I have followed your blog for almost four years now and have implemented more of your solutions than I can say. Everytime I think of your blog I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for all the great ideas that have made a significant difference in my life.

    Just recently we did our Wanda party and it was such a smashing success that I can hardly begin to describe it. From the week of preparty spooks and team bonding to the night itself, everything just came off fabulously. We even set up a photosharing website to post all the pictures and pranks that everyone did because there was so much. It is if you’d like to see it. I had to change the name because my friends are way too computer savvy and would have figured it out through a google search if I would have left it as a Wanda party. It brought a HUGE group of people together (literally and figuratively) in a meaningful way.

    I’ve used the scripture stickers for my Activity Days girls and our Joy School preschool group, the hair ideas have been fun, we have our own version of the family big board and I just got started printing off the holiday planning pages.

    Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you. I really love you because you’ve touched my life through service. It has genuinely made my life richer. Your ideas have given me more ability to concentrate on the things that are meaningful to me, instead of just getting bogged down in the details of wallowing in clutter. When our clutter is under control, I feel free to focus on people instead of stuff. :)

    I really wish we were neighbors or something so I could come mow your lawn to show my appreciation!


  29. Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, excellent blog!


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