Talk To Me Tuesday: Clutter Busting – Campus Quilt Giveaway

talk-to-me-tuesday-logo1My husband and I agree on almost everything – restaurants, movies, music, politics – you name it and we generally see eye to eye. When it comes to clutter, however, we’re just not on the same page. I’m a compulsive purger by nature. My husband, on the other hand, loves to hang on to everything. He has trunks full of old college text books, containers of miscellaneous items from his high school days, and an entire drawer full of old t-shirts he knows he’ll never wear again. He sees all these random things as memories and therefore can’t be convinced to part with them. To me, they’re just big, heavy piles of stuff that take up valuable space in our house.

I’d pretty much resigned myself to living with my husband’s hoarding habits when I got a great email from a clutter-busting company called Campus Quilts (perhaps you heard about them on the Today show or Rachel Ray). They’ve come up with a great solution for t-shirt stockpilers like my husband.

In a nutshell, the experts at Campus Quilt Co. specialize in taking your treasured t-shirts and transforming them into fun, functional, and durable memory quilts. They sent me a quilt kit to sample and I must say I’m really impressed with their process. The kit contained detailed instructions so I can get the exact colors and layout I want, as well as all the materials I will need to ship my shirts back to their facility (the shipping was even pre-paid for me). Their turn-around is generally only two to three weeks, so my Ohio State T-shirt memory quilt should arrive just in time for football season – go Buckeyes!

The whole solution is such a win-win for me. He gets to hang on to his favorite shirts from his alma mater and I get to free up a bunch of space in our closet. It’s too bad they can’t make quilts out of old engineering text books. I could really use the extra space in my basement.  Oh well, I guess you can’t win them all.

So here’s the great news, Campus Quilt Company has generously offered to give away a Quilt Kit and a $150 gift card to one lucky MeckMom reader. The winner will receive a $150 gift card and a quilt kit with order form, layout guide, fabric swatch card, bag to mail the clothing, and a pre-paid UPS mailing label. You’ll get to choose your own layout, quilt details, and colors. They’ll even email you multiple times throughout the process to let you know the status of your order and to give you peace of mind that your treasured t’s are in good hands.

A memory quilt like this would make a great Christmas gift! In fact, you should hop on over to their site to check out their sample quilts and read their customer testimonials. They’re customer service ratings are really impressive. Here are a two sample quilts from their site to give you a few ideas on how you could put the gift card to good use.



To enter to win, you simply have to leave a comment on this post with your favorite clutter busting tip. It doesn’t have to be related to closets. It could be on any clutter-related area. The giveaway will be open all week and the winner will be chosen at random next Tuesday (Sept 8th) at midnight CST. I’ll contact the winner via email and post the winner’s comment name here. Good luck, everyone! I can’t wait to read all your clutter-busting solutions. As always, for those of you who comment, thanks for passing it on.

*This giveaway is now closed.

And the winner (chosen randomly by the iPhone app iChoose) is…Commenter #8, Mindy.  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy your gift card.  I’ll be contacting you via email tonight.  If I don’t receive a response within 72 hours another winner will be chosen.  Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. My favorite clutter busting tip:

    I love Sterlite bin holder for toys. I have found them at Wal-Mart in the automotive garage section and at Home Depot. I love that my kids can slide out a bin of legos (or cars, or trains) The bins are big enough to hold all of a set, deep enough to hold train towers, easy to get out and in, the remaining bins stay neat.

    PS. I made two of your underbed clothes arrangers this week. Love ’em. I set an alarm clock in the kitchen for morning prep in the evening. I put up hooks in the garage for backpacks and coats. Start of school? Bring it on.

  2. Terri Carr

    My husband is a lot like you so he does not have much clutter but my kids sure do! My husband has done many things around the house to help me keep clutter under control. The old adage “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” works well.

    I used to keep toys in baskets in my toy area but it still looked pretty cluttered. One day my husband suggested we go and get some lateral files and put the toys in there. So we purchased two wood lateral files and now we have a place for toys and two nice pieces of furniture! You do need to make sure you attach them to the walls or keep all of the toys they play with in the bottom files so they don’t fall over since they can be top heavy. We keep extra diapers in the top one so our granddaughter doesn’t get in there.

  3. My MIL made 2 lap-size versions of these with my husband’s t-shirts from plays/musicals he’s been a part of and they are fantastic, but he has so many more that we could do a quilt for every bed in the house I think (that’s 6 beds!!)

    Hmm, favorite tip – I guess it’s the super-simple labeling kids’ drawers and toy bins with pictures (real or clipart) of what is supposed to go where. Clean up is so much easier when they can see where things go.

  4. Shauna Griffiths

    When my children were younger I would keep a lot of there books in a kitty litter container, thus allowing them to flip through the books while seeing the covers. This made it so they didn’t have to pull them all off the bookshelf to find the book they wanted.

  5. My favorite place to shop is the 99 cent store. They have plastic shoe containers that I use to organize my son’s toys. I bought one for every type of toy (ex. cars, action figures, etc.) they are clear and make it easy to see what is in them from his shelf.

  6. What a great idea for those t-shirts!

    My fav. clutter busting tip is to donate something whenever you bring a new one into the house. That has worked well with us!

  7. I have so many clutter busting tips it’s hard to just select one… I guess my favorite one so far is electronic. My wife is very organized and kept every bank statement, IRA statement, paystub etc. from when she became independent from her parents. After getting married I showed her the joys of online banking (7 years of statements kept on file electronically) and an E-fax. I have a fax line that automatically converts any paperwork I send to my number into a pdf delivered to my personal email. I usually save the document in my gmail account with the document name as the subject – that way if I ever need information (account numbers, phone numbers, or my personal financial information) I’m just a few clicks away.

    It’s allowed us to have a bonfire of the reams and reams of paper that made our file cabinet more of a paper shrine than a usable piece of furniture.

  8. Very fun. My organizing tip is pretty simple. Go through the kids toys when they are all gone to school or a friend. I tried once to let my girls help me with this one. There were 10 dogs and I asked them to pick their favorite 5. It ended in tears. Now they are none the wiser. Thanks Maria!

  9. I’ve categorized toys into bins that are stored in the basement. Most of the bins are stored downstairs. One or two are rotated upstairs each months. At that point, I also rotate one or two “old” bins downstairs. This reduces the toy clutter upstairs and keeps the toys “fresh” for the kids.

  10. I love bins! I have bins that I store clothes in, bins that I put toys in (my favorite ones slide right under the bed… out of sight!), bins to store small games (cards, dominos, etc), bins for paper… you get the idea.

  11. Hmmm… I think I get most of my tips from you. First of all my hubby is not in charge of that sort of thing since he is one who creates piles out of nothing!

    I LOVE organizing in the car for a long trip (even though you wouldn’t know by looking at my car now). We of course have the DVD player for the kids and instead of having lots of DVD cases we use one CD case that holds multiple movies. I let each of my girls pick out one coloring book, one box of crayons, and a couple small toys. We then put them in their own tin cake pans with lids. I found cheap ones at Walmart. The lids snap on and off easy enough my girls can do it. They give the girls a hard surface to color on and the crayons aren’t everywhere. And when they aren’t using them they slide under the seat. That leaves the floor of the car mess free and all of their activities are together and accessible.

  12. Kristen M

    what a cool idea!

    Recently I put a rubbermaid 3-drawer organizer on my kitchen counter next to my fridge (it’s well hidden there). I use this to de-clutter my counter and organize my mail. One drawer for bills to pay, one drawer for file away, and one drawer for coupons to use.

  13. Love your blog…you’re helping me organizing my life!

    My favorite back to school organizing tip is to create a binder for each of my kids with sheet protectors inside. They have a cubby that they put their papers in when the get home, and the binder stays in that cubby. Each day (or every few days), I go through their papers– tossing the ones we don’t need to keep (old spelling tests), and adding special ones (prized art) to the binder. This way it is already altogether and organized according to date by the end of the year, and I don’t have to hang onto a bunch of papers that we don’t need. My kids LOVE to look through their binders and remember the fun things they did at school!

    I also have a folder for each of my kids that I put important school papers in (as soon as they’re brought home) so that I can get to them quickly….things like their teacher’s email addresses, school projects, and important dates.

    Another great idea I stumbled upon is rain gutter bookshelves. Sounds odd I know, but Google it….you’ll see some great pics! I plan to put some right above my kids beds where they can get to them easily. This will alleviate my messy bookshelves and get the books off the floor.

  14. Whitney Carlile

    My husband has one of these and I have been ‘thinking’ about making me one for a long time. Those darn high school glory day t-shirts just don’t cut it anymore.

    As for clutter tips… My husband and I are both very anti-clutter but I’m not so sure on how exactly we make that happen. Electronically it seems like e-mail can cause a clutter mess in itself. I had a boss that had a ‘look at an e-mail once’ rule. Either reply, delete or folder it. Right away. Easier said than done, but a great thing to try to remember.

  15. One thing we have done that has been very successful at our home:

    I bought small plastic bins to hold my children’s toys and separated the toys by category. I then went online and found pictures of the toys and copied and pasted the picture onto a label. (For example, I found pictures of toy cars and trucks from online toy retailers. I was able to left click on the picture, select copy and then paste it into a label that I had created in Microsoft Word). I printed the labels off and stuck them on each bin. This has been great because my kids now know which toys go where, and when friends come over, they can help put toys away in the correct place as well.

  16. This was really hard for me until recently. I started buying rubbermaid storage containers and bins. i have dividers in my drawers so I no longer can just toss things in my drawers, I have to be able to sort things now before I put them in my drawer.

  17. Most of my favorite tips these days are from your blog. I just finished by big whiteboard area and LOVE IT SO MUCH! My favorite clutter buster is a bin at the end of the hall for clothes, etc. that do not fit anymore – the kids know that is where they put them. Also I have a basket in each room (walmart 2.50) that I use to clean up the clutter during the day then when the older kids get home from school they clean it out and I don’t have to look at the mess my younger children have made all day long. Thanks for all your tips

  18. I have used the wicker basket for one months.It’s strong enough and cheap.Good baskets!


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