Simple Strategy for Keeping Track of Keys

As a mom of four, I’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to be on time.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much prep work I put into getting our family ready, some mysterious force of nature always thwarts my efforts.  One of the most frustrating delays for me is lost keys.  I’m sure you Moms out there can relate; you finally manage to get everyone ready and out the door on time only to find that your keys have vanished without a trace.  Consequently, you’re forced to dump everything and scramble around the house in a panic.

I hate that feeling so I use a very simple trick to combat key loss.  When I come in from the garage, the first thing I do is flip on the light in the kitchen.  It’s also the last thing I do before I head to the car.  So, naturally, the light switch seemed like a great place to store my keys.  I placed a few peel n’ stick hooks on the switch plate of the light switch by the kitchen door and a few more on the plate near the front door.  Now no matter which door I enter, there’s always a spot to stash my keys.

I added a few more hooks to the inside of a cabinet near the back door as well.  I store all my spare keys there…just in case my regular keys have wandered off the hook.  (I learned this one from my brilliant Mom who managed to get all 10 kids out the door on a regular basis – I love you, Mom!)

As a side note, I also use a similar trick for my purse and mail.  I bought a heavy duty removable hook and used a left over plastic inbox from my Family Big Board project and mounted both on the back of the kitchen door.  When I come in from the garage, I add my keys to the switch plate, toss my bag on the hook, and throw the mail in the bin.  Within 3 seconds I have my hands free and nothing gets dumped on the counter.  Plus, when it’s time to head out again, everything I need is right there waiting for me.  It’s a really simple strategy that saves me tons of time.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. Mindy

    This tip becomes very important when you have teenagers that drive your car with your keys. I needed to take my son and a friend to a band practice when I couldn’t find my keys. It turns out they were in my older son’s pocket which was at the dollar store. He has since been told over and over to hang up the keys when you walk in.

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