Sugar-Free Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is here so I thought I’d give you a few more details (and files) on a fun idea I posted back in 2007.  I hope your family enjoys it.

My kids love Easter egg hunts.  They think it’s so fun to scramble around in the backyard and search for our expertly-hidden dyed eggs.  Although, one year our hiding spots must have been a little too tricky because we only found 75% of the eggs during the hunt.  The other 25% turned up a lot later…gross.  Needless to say, from that point on I’ve only used plastic eggs in our hunts.

Of course the problem with plastic eggs is that you’ve got to fill them with something.  My kids get plenty of sugar in their Easter baskets, so the traditional candy-filled route doesn’t appeal to me.  Little trinkets and stickers are also an option but I hate spending money on stuff I know I’ll throw away in a day or two.  Consequently, at our house I started a puzzle tradition for our hunt.

To do it, I print out two cardstock copies of an Easter picture (you can find the free downloads for these below).  On one sheet I type in the secret location of an inexpensive family Easter prize (last year it was dollar-store kites).  Next, I cut out the egg image from the picture and chop it into puzzle pieces small enough to fit inside the plastic eggs.  The second egg picture (the one without words) is left whole to use as a guide.  I place one puzzle piece in each egg and then hide them all over the yard.

When it’s time for the hunt, I give my kids the un-cut paper and a glue stick.  I tell them that there is a secret prize hidden somewhere in the house and they have to work as a team to hunt for eggs and uncover it’s location.  They run together all over the yard searching for pieces of the puzzle.  After they’ve each found a few, they come back to the main paper and try to glue them in place.  Usually, they find they don’t have enough pieces to complete the puzzle so they head back out to the yard and search some more.  Once they find all the eggs (and glue the pieces in place) they head off together to track down their prize.

My kids love the hunt.  They look forward to it every year.  It’s a great way to get rid of the selfish whining that tends to surface in egg hunts (”Mom, she took my egg! Hey, I found it first!”) and replace it with a fun “team” atmosphere.  Plus, it’s a really cheap (and sugar-free) way to perk up any Easter egg hunt.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

The files were originally created in MS Word.  If you have trouble using them try printing out two copies of the .pdf file and hand write your secret location on one before cutting.

[drain file 151 show template]
[drain file 152 show template]
[drain file 153 show template]


  1. Ooo that sounds like fun, and will be a great way to give my sidewalk chalk a much funner spin than sitting in a basket!!

  2. Jennifer

    What a great idea! I wish I would have seen this BEFORE Easter; my son was diagnosed with diabetes the week before and this sounds perfect! I’ll definitely save the idea for next year. Thank you so much.


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