Simple Tip for Tighter Sheets

When I was pregnant with my fourth baby last year, I finally decided to fork out a hunk of cash to get a memory-foam topper for my mattress.  It saved me from third trimester tossing and turning but it brought with it one incredibly annoying problem – my sheets wouldn’t stay put.

I have a fairly thick mattress to begin with, so adding an additional four inches of foam made it virtually impossible for my even my deep-pocket sheet set to stay in place.  It would look nice and taught while I was making the bed, but the moment I laid down I could feel the elastic corners start to creep up the edge of the mattress.  By the morning, I was left with a saggy-sheet and a crumpled bed.

My first attempt to solve the problem was a $10 set of sheet-securing straps I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  They promised a secure fit, but they were incredibly hard to put on and popped off all the time.  I gave up on those after only a few days.  Then, while walking through the dollar spot at Target, I found the answer I’d been looking for – elastic mitten holders.  You know, those little things that attach mittens to your kid’s coat sleeves?  I snapped up two pairs for a buck each and figured it was worth a shot.

Amazingly, my little $2 solution worked perfectly.  They were a snap to put on (literally) and they kept the sheets taught all night.  I’ve used them for several months now and I’m still a big fan.  If you’ve got sagging sheets or simply don’t want to invest in the pricy deep-pocket sheets for your thick mattress, you may want to give this simple solution a try.  You should be able to find mitten holders in the winter clearance area of any big box store or in your local dollar store.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. Laurie

    I use one’s similar to these that I found at Walmart. I used them on my DD trundle bed mattress. I found that the fitted sheet needed to be tighter to get the trundle to slide under the bed easier.

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