Easy Foil Fix for Goopy Toothbrush Drawers

One day the world will do me a favor and someone will develop a truly kid-friendly toothpaste.  I imagine it will be something similar to the Electrasol dishwashing tabs under my kitchen sink – compact, individually portioned, and virtually mess-proof.

Until that happy day arrives, I’m afraid I’m stuck with the status quo…sticky tubes of crusty toothpaste and scary kid toothbrushes that look as if they’ve never encountered running water.  In the past, I’ve used plastic baskets inside the drawer in a feeble attempt to protect the wood.  Of course the big problem with this solution is that it assumes your kids will actually put their dental supplies in the baskets and not just shove them in the back of the drawer, like mine seem to do.  Plus, every now and again you’re actually obligated to clean those sticky baskets – gross.  I needed a better plan.

Last week, as I was lining my cookie sheet with aluminum foil to avoid having to wash it later, it dawned on me.  Why not get rid of the baskets all together and opt for an easier, disposable solution.  I grabbed the foil and headed to the kids’ bathroom.  Ten minutes later (nine of which were spent trying to clean the old toothpaste off the bottom of the drawer) I had a sparkly-clean drawer that was toothpaste-proof.  Now, when the goopy mess starts to build, I just toss out the foil and add a new sheet.  It’s cheap, easy, and totally kid-friendly.  Just thought I’d pass it on.


  1. Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing this tip, my kids do the same thing. :)

  2. We use a washcloth and that works great too. Whenever it gets dirty we just put in a new one and wash the dirty one. Plus it soaks up the water too.

  3. After reading your idea, I quickly thought why not put a paper towel down. So when your kids are doing their chores they can change it out each week. I like the idea of using a wash cloth too.
    Great Idea!

  4. What a good idea. I have 9 kids and I keep their tooth brushes in a Tupperware bowl under the sink. When they get crusty and ugly I though them in the dishwasher along with the bowl. They come out nice and shiny.

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