Talk to Me Tuesday: Enrichment Ideas Giveaway

After two years hanging out with the 5 year-olds in Primary each Sunday I’ve got a new calling.  I’m now heading up Enrichment with the women in Relief Society.  It’s been several years since I’ve hosted an Enrichment meeting and the program has changed a bit.  So, for today’s Talk To Me Tuesday post I’m asking for your input.  For those LDS women out there reading this, I could really use your help.  What Enrichment activities, dinners, mini-meetings have you had that were really successful?  What fun strategies do your RS leaders use to meet the needs of a wide variety of women?  Any tip, idea, website, or strategy that would make the next few years of my life – and new calling – a little easier would be greatly appreciated.

If fact, I’m so anxious to get your feedback that I’ve decided to offer a little giveaway as well.  The winning commenter will get their own fabulous full set of Scripture Mastery stickers in the color of their choice.  You can check out the new color options by clicking here.  Commenting will be open until Sunday night at midnight.  At that point a commenter will be chosen at random and be contacted via email.  The shipping is on me, so if you’ve got an idea to share I hope you’ll enter the giveaway by adding it to the comments below.  Thanks, everyone.  I can’t wait so see what you pass on.

And the winner (randomly chosen by the iPhone app, iChoose) is… #3 – Untypically Jia! Thank you so much for all your feedback.  I loved reading all the comments this week.  I can’t wait to make the Enrichment plan for the year.  Congrats on your big win, Jia.  I’ll be contacting you via email today.

This giveaway in now closed.  However, if you’d like to share more Enrichment ideas please keep commenting!!!  Thanks for passing it on.


  1. We have a wonderful enrichment commitee. Some of the things they have done are:
    *monthly book club (participants choose the books)
    *weekly play dates for young children at a park (sometimes at a home in winter
    *monthly random acts of kindness – service needed in the ward, I think they get names through RS pres. Bishopric, and visiting teachers
    *quarterly meetings range from craft nights, to fireside type meetings, to one act plays, usually with a simple dinner included. I love that there is always childcare provided because hubby works late.
    What a wonderful way to use your creative talents! I know the blessings with pour from the windows of heaven as you serve.

  2. I’m not LDS, but I’m trying to think of some of the things our Presbyterian Women’s group have done that have been real winners. The cooking demo nights have been a big hit. We’ve had several local restaurants or businesses that put on various types of cooking demos. This month, we’re going to a chocolate one – yum! We’ve had the police in to talk about identify theft. We’ve had a gardening one, a book talk by a local librarian, several types of craft nights including several where we’ve made mosquito nets or bandages to send to our partners in Kenya.

    One time we had women from a domestic violence shelter share their story. I think one of our biggest hits was our Bridal Tea. Everyone wore (or brought pictures of – if they couldn’t fit!) their bridal gowns and their wedding colors.

    And we always have a very special Christmas dinner that is served by the men of our church – fortunately, it’s catered, so they don’t cook it – ugh! And then we have special entertainment afterwards – usually music performed by our more talented children.

    Hope that helps!


  3. I personally love the Enrichments where there is more than one class being offered. A class on quilting or some craft, a class on marriage or homemaking or something like that, and a class on prepardness.

    One of the best Enrichments I’ve gone to was where we all pitched in $10 and put together 72 hour kits. It was all done assembly line style and was super easy and cheap! So much fun too!

  4. I was Enrichment leader back when we had monthly Enrichment meetings. One month I did an Enrichment just about lemons:
    – a little information about lemons
    – a little game (each sister had paper and a pen and within one minute had to write down a list of things you can do with lemons – the one with the most on her list won a lemon prize, e.g. lemon candy, lemon scented candle, a real lemon)
    – talked about cooking with lemons
    – talked about cleaning with lemons
    – talked about growing lemons
    Refreshments were obviously things like lemon meringue pie, lemon cheesecake, lemonade, lemon curd on scones, etc. Each sister received a few lemon recipes printed on yellow paper.

    It was a big hit and really quite simple to organise. The spiritual thought was about gratitude for creation or something like that.

    I still have all of the information as Word documents if you’d like to email me for it. Voila, one Enrichment meeting fully planned for you!

    • Barb Thomas

      Hello Jen;

      Was wondering if you could email your enrichment on Lemons. Thank you Barb T

    • Kellie S

      Could you email me that information on lemons. That sounds like a fun night and very simple. I need simple and fun in my planning.
      Thank you,
      Kellie Staley

    • Jordan T.

      I love this idea! Could you please email me the information? Thanks so much.

    • Renee Rodriguez

      i would love to have the word documents on our Lemon night. We are trying it this week.

      thanks so much

    • I love this idea. Could you email me the info please? thank you so much. xox

    • Breah Gray

      Hello Jen,
      I was wondering if you could email your enrichment information on lemons.
      Thank you,
      Breah Gray

    • Breah Gray

      Hello Jen,
      What a fun idea! Can you please email the information about lemons?

    • Jackie O

      I was hoping that you could email the information on lemons. I think that is a great idea and could be a lot of fun for our sisters.

    • Donetta Van Haren

      Could you e-mail your enrichment on lemons? Love it!

    • I would love to get your information on the lemon night.
      Thanks so much!

    • Could you email me your information on your Lemon Enrichment Night. It sounds so fun and interesting. Thanks!


    • I would love info on the lemon themed enrichment activty if possible.

    • Please send me the ready made lesson on lemons…I LOVE IT!! THANKS

    • I’m the Homemaking leader in my RS, I’d love the lemon information emailed to me! Please!


    • Rachel Wawro

      Would you please email me the lesson on lemons.

      Thanks Rachel

    • Stephanie

      This sounds so fun. Could you please e-mail the information on your lemon night. Thanks

    • Lisa West

      i would love this info so creative and really interesting. i think it would really peak some interest, and we need it. i was just called today and i am thinking a complete overhaul! Thanks

    • Linda Parker

      I would love the information on lemons for enrichment night. Thanks.

    • Hi Jen, I just recieved this calling yesterday. My husband and I own a Citrus Farm and have a grove of lemons, I love this idea. I figure I could somehow bring the Navel Oranges and Pink Grapefruit into it to. I would appreciate anything you have, and thanks for sharing.

    • Rebecca Mitchell

      I would like to have the Word documents on lemons. Sounds fun and interesting. Thanks, Rebecca Mitchell (Montana)

    • kathleen hansen

      Hi Jen,

      Would it be possible to email the Enrichment lesson on lemons. Sounds wonderful.
      Thank you,
      K Hansen

    • M McGrath

      Please send me copies of your Word documents on the lemon themed enrichment evening.

      Good idea and sounds like it’s easy enough and fun for everyone. Thank you,

    • This posted a long time ago, but the lemon night would be super fun! Can you please send me a copy of what you did? Thanks!!

    • Just was put in the enrichment committee, and love this idea! Would you e-mail the info on this if you still have it? Thanks, Aimee Cherry

    • Katrina Hughes

      Hello, can I get the info for the lemon night also? thanks, sounds like such a fun idea!

    • Sandy Hartman

      I have the new leader for activities in our ward. This sounds terrific. Please email the documents. Thank you in advance.

    • Sandy Hartman

      I am the new leader for activities in our ward. This sounds terrific. Please email the documents. Thank you in advance.

    • Stephanie Stout

      very interested in the lemon information for an activity…2 years later. Do you still have it?? Please send it my way. 😉 Thanks.

    • Robyn Clement

      Just like everyone else, I think this sounds wonderful, could I also get a copy, Thanks :)

    • Alexzene Banker

      I would like this info for my Enrichment meeting. This sounds fun for the sisters in my ward.

    • Jeanni Miller

      I would love the information on your lemon Enrichment meeting. Thanks!

    • Terese Riding

      Will you please email me your word docs on the lemon Enrichment meeting.
      Thanks a lot!

      PS. Do you have any other great ideas to share?

    • Melissa Hooper

      I was reading about your lemon theme and LOVE IT!!! If you still have the word doc of that will you please email it to me.

    • I too would like to see what you have planned for a night of lemons. We are doing something similar and I would love to see your ideas. :)

  5. Tammy A.

    I have always loved the Christmas in July theme. You can finish your craft projects and make new ones at this event. Then everyone brings their favorite Christmas treat to share and the recipe. Some of the women bring presents to wrap, also.

    I love the preparedness nights. All kinds of info at these….72 hour kits….food storage….money management…. and how and where to get all these things.

    Good luck in your new calling.

  6. Okay so I thought I would jump on this and share my ideas first so I decided to reply the minute I got the email to what shouldn’t be my surprise there are already 4 replies and they all listed the stuff we do….

    (for mini classes)
    The things that have gone off great in our ward are
    *the monthly book club
    *summer mom and me (moms with little kids get together for lunch and play)
    *cooking demo and class (my favorites are when they demo food storage items and make several things with one item)
    For awhile our cooking group was lead by a carteier in our ward. We would all pitch in money (it was surprisingly only a few dollars) and go and make our dinner with her and go home with it to feed our families.. great fun and dinner is already done!
    *fine arts club
    *The exercise group (which I’m actually getting ready to go to now)
    and the quilting group which our older sister love.

    We have done lots of different things for the larger meetings (which of course we only do 4 times per year). I will only mention my absolute favorite which in our ward has become a completly looked forward by all ages of sisters tradition and that is our annual SERVICE AUCTION. We live in a small farming comunity and so we have our very own auctioner. He does it for us every year and so at the end he is always presented with a gift certificate. The great thing about this is that every sister can participate, every sister can go home with something wonderful and every sister can perform and act of kindness or service using her abilities and talents. We even invite the YW in our ward and have it on Wed. nite so the YW leaders and girls can come. Things that are auctioned range from free haircuts, babysitting, window washing, homemade crafts or baked goods brought at the time. Last year a sister made dinner one night for my family. I have taken homemade soap and cleaned house for other sisters. One older sister whatched my kids ALL day while we traveled to the nearby temple (it has foster a wonderful friendship between us and my kids think she is just awesome!) We always have a fall theme with differnt kinds of soup, homemade rolls, and fruit crisp. Yummy!

    The last thing I will mention is Christmas. We have decided to do something different but I will mention first what we have done in the past. We had a women of christmas program and I can get you the script for that if you want. And a nativity “galllary”.
    What we have switched to and just started this year is a live nativity. There are only 2 wards in our small town and so we did away with all ward parties and programs and both wards participated to bring this about. Even though I really had no part of bringing this awesome thing about, my husband and I got the be Mary and Joseph in the cast. They built an outside Bethlehem and had tour guides who walked you through the starlit city, complete with roman gaurds, shop vendors, a pick-pocket and much more. There were even cows by our stable. While people waited to come through the primary children sang christmas songs and hot cocoa was served. People came from everywhere and members of other faiths traveled long distances just to see it. We had Reporters taking pictures and it was in the paper (advertised beforhand and after). Of course it was a huge production and I can get you more info if you are interested. We put it on in the begining of Dec. to start of the spirit of the season right.

    Hope some of these ideas are fresh and helpful! Good Luck in your calling and have FUN!


    • I know it’s been a few years but I just stumbled upon this and saw your comment. I would LOVE to get your script for this program! Thanks, Katie

    • Stephanie

      Our ward does a live nativity and it has become something that the people in our community look forward to. I would love more information and details about the live nativity that your ward does – it sounds amazing! Also, if you still have the script about the “Women of Christmas” I would love to have a copy. Thanks!

  7. Anything to do with Food is always a hit. Like the lady said before cooking demos are fantastic. Invite a health minded sister or brother to demonstrate how to cook with health in mind. Using spices instead of salt and olive oil as well as creative veggies and lean meats. Creative ways to get kids eating veggies and fruits. This can be doubled up with a fitness demo by some cute fit sister in the ward or stake! Not everyone is into exercising so I like to give options such as a positive lifestyle demo such as optimism, ways to fight depression, beauty secrets, uplifting material i.e. books, music. Such a fun night, every woman wants to look and feel better and we all love to eat and learn!

  8. I’ve been E leader or councilor in 3 different wards….and one activity that has been a hit every time is “Iron Chef”. In short we picked a secret ingredient (something versatile, like cream cheese), and bought a bunch of groceries that may or may not go with it. The ladies were divided into teams, they had to pick a “shopper” to run up to the table and get ingredients. Before the shopping began we revealed the secret ingredient and they had 5 minutes or so to plan….then when given the signal the mad dash for food began. I think we gave them 20 or 30 minutes to prepare their item (including cooking times). They could share ingredients with other teams if they wanted to. During all of this we had very intense music playing in the back ground. We had some husbands come in to judge the final results, and we ate all the creations at the end. Very fun night.

  9. I’ve been called to enrichment in every ward I’ve lived in since I graduated from high school…oh boy.
    One of the best Enrichment Mtgs. We’ve ever done was a talent gallery. Invitations were mailed to every sister announcing the opening of our ward talent gallery, invited them to display a talent (most people get a chance to share performing talents but there are so many talents that go unrecognized) if they had a musical talent they were welcome to display sheet music, photos, the instrument, etc. We arrange the tables so it was like you were walking through a gallery, covered them with real table clothes, made name cards for every sister so we knew whose talent was whose, had dim lighting, a brother from our ward played the piano as background music, and we served hor’dourves. It was fun to walk through and learn more about the sisters in our ward and I think it was a huge hit!
    My last ward had a group called the Domestic Divas. Most months were themed foods (holiday, dutch oven) and we would each bring a dish, eat and share recipes. But we also sewed skirts and bonnets for the upcoming trek and did other “domestic” things.
    For our Super Saturday in the same ward we offered classes, in addition to the crafts. So ladies could still participate in the Super Saturday even if they weren’t interested in the crafts. Quick breads, chocolate making, getting to know your digital camera, and how to get started indexing were the classes last year. The attendance at them was great. They didn’t cost anything, you didn’t add clutter to your house, and you learned a new skill. What is better than that?

  10. lybbertgirl

    A lot of my suggestions were already mentioned however, I do have to say the 72 hour kit was a HUGE success in our ward! Big turn out.

    Another on was 4 mini classes ~ one class was on making your own cleaning products and beauty supplies, a sewing project, candy making and the 4th was gardening.

    This Thursday we are doing one on Estate Planning. This is something that women of all ages need to have knowledge on. This includes Living wills and Child Guardianship. From the buzz around church Sunday it sounds like it will be another big turn out.

    Hope it helps.

    lybbertgirl (Brenda)

  11. I was in two different wards as the Enrichment Leader. When they changed the program to having it only four times a year we decided these would be social events. We would come up with a theme, and go all out. We found the sisters really enjoyed coming to those meetings and socializing. We usually had a dinner and a spiritual message. Then there was some little activity to go along with the theme, but sisters just wanted to socialize and not come to all of the classes. We saved the classes for all of the other monthly activity groups. We got huge turn out. Sisters don’t get to just talk on Sunday, this gives them the opportunity. Here are some of the great themes we used for the 4 Enrichments:
    1 Personal Treasures-This was pirate themed. We had each sister bring a sack (their treasure chest) with 4 things that represented them. For example a ballet shoe, garden seeds, a book mark, and a chocolate bar. The bags were on display, and no names were given. We had the sisters try and guess whose bag was whose. They got to know things about each other they never knew. Dinner was sub sandwiches.
    2. Back to School- we did this one in September. In advance we had each sister give us a school picture, to use as a guess who. We had those displayed all over the room to be looked at throughout the evening. We decorated the tables with white butcher paper, childrens books and crayons. We even drew all over the paper. We set up a chalkboard, rug, desk, and chair for story time. We shared a cute book about these animals that wanted to be someone else, but someone else wanted to be them too. You could find any childrens book with a good message. We dressed up as lunch ladies to serve school lunch of pizza, chocolate milk, salad, and a cookie.
    3. Service auction- This allows each of us to see what talents the other sisters had.
    4-Birthday Party-we had a real birthday party, pinata and all. We played board games and things that you don’t do at a birthday party.

  12. I’ve been in primary for a long time now and it’s not very often I get to go to RS. However, last night we had an enrichment activity which I think was a big hit. We had a spa night! Who doesn’t want to pamper themselves every now and then? Anyway, we started off with a mini yoga class, next was a massage demo, and then it was off to the manicures, facials, and making your own bath salts. I saw girls fresh out of Young Womens to elderly women, all of which had a good time. I didn’t get a chance to stick around, but they discussed date night ideas. If you’re anything like me I get bored very quickly with the movie and a dinner routine. I’m really bumbed I missed that part.

    Another idea is a soup exchange. This actually came up in my presidency meeting yesterday. Everyone brings their favorite soup and the recipe. Then you go around and taste the soups and if you want the recipe… there it is! Now I don’t particularly like soup so this is a great idea for any type of food. It could be done with salads, hor’dourves/appetizers, main dishes, desserts, or whatever you want. I actually did this once with friends and we brought whatever we wanted so there was a variety. It was a huge hit! There is no planning for food since it’s all there, and not much clean up since everyone takes home their own dishes. That is my kind of activity!

    Hope this helps and good luck with the new calling. You’ll do a fabulous job!

  13. I have served as my branch enrichment leader for a year now. I love this calling a lot. I posted on my website today about HFPE ideas. You can go there to get my handouts, planning sheet, etc. Our four meetings last year were: The Hundred Dresses (charity), Journaling, Add Some Sugar and Spice to Your Personal and Married Life, and Frugal Gift Ideas.

    We had several smaller activities throughout the year too. Some of them were FHE swaps, bread making, soup making, homemade laundry soap making, temple trips etc. We are a small branch and don’t do “groups.” Instead, we do several small activities. I try to have two activities a month the sisters can choose from.

    I keep the meetings and activities simple with few decorations and easy refreshment ideas. I really want the women to learn something and/or feel the spirit. This is what is most important. The socializing and fun will happen naturally from us getting together. On the church website it tells us that during HFPE meetings we should focus on helping the sisters find relief in their lives.

    It reads, “The friendship and sociality that make life so much sweeter will be a natural by-product of our efforts. Focusing on relief will always build sociality, whereas focusing on sociality may not always bring relief”

    Here are some ideas from our planning meeting for this year:
    –Ideas for our 4 main meetings this year
    1 March—“He Is”—improving our relationship with Jesus Christ (using the song He Is by Hilary Weeks
    2 June—Developing and recognizing our talents
    3 September—How to put our eternal priorities first (temple, family) (make temple mod podge)
    4 November—Holiday traditions
    –Food/refreshment ideas-brownie bar, baked potato bar, soups
    –Ideas for small activities-Self defense, fhe swap, movie night, scripture study systems, Ensign article night, cake decorating, genealogy, healthy support group (exercise, nutrition, stress management),learn to cut hair, organizing/what works for you, herbs-how to grow and use, wheat 101, powdered milk 101, emergency notebook, medicine cabinet in a bag, canning

    You can go to my website to get all the info from the four meetings we had last year. Let me know if anyone has questions and good luck-it’s a great calling!

  14. I forgot to add that you can find the post under under the LDS topic.


  15. I’m so glad you asked this question – I was just called as Enrich Leader in my ward. We have mini classes every month (when no big enrichment mtg) that rotate: food storage, sewing, photography, family history etc. Also we have a TLC Temple, Lunch & Converstion every month.

    Next month is our “big” one and we are doing “The Well Rounded Woman” having speakers about spiritual, physical and mental. In April we are having a service exchange (handled like a white elephant gift exchange)

  16. I just popped in to see all the comments….Loving the ideas!
    The meeting I have planned for next month is making a command center binder. Basically a binder with all of the information you wou need in a given day. Ward list, food storage schedule for the year, calendar, birthday list for all your fiends and family, info sheets for each family member etc.

  17. i use for just about everything… from helps with lessons to ideas for activities. i love the ideas from the second post as well.

  18. I am also new to this calling, in past years one of the favorite activities has been the “Friday Night Madness” craft night. This year we are going to switch it up a little and call it “Raiders of the Lost Arts”. We plan to teach the lost arts of sewing, canning, crocheting, knitting and other fun things. The service auction is also one of our most popular nights. We even get alot of sisters who don’t live in our ward to come. A new idea we are trying is called “Entertaining With Food” and will be a monthly activity group which will end in early December with a nice Christmas Dinner. Good Luck, and I hope I win 😉

  19. Hey,
    I am the enrichment counselor in the presidency and in my ward we are having a hard time getting anyone to show up to the mini activites unless it is cooking food…So for the next 3 months we are going to be started an organized schedule that all the women know about so hopefully they can plan accordingly! The 1st week will be a break, the second will be all activities for the Humanitarian Efforts, the 3rd week will be random fun and learning, and the 4th week will be all Provident Living…getting prepared for your own family. On the months with our Big Enrichments there won’t be any small activities! Every activity will be on a tuesday and I am hoping that with the deffinate schedule people will plan on attending more. I love reading what everyone else is doing…Some of the ones that people are excited about doing for our ward are Hot Chocolate…How to make the base of it and can it (and of course tasting it), We are having a lady who has gone on several missions teach low budget meals from around the world, we are having a Salsa dancing exercise night and those who would like can bring fresh salsa with a recipe! And for Humanitarian next month we are sewing T-shirts for local shelters and maternity ones for the local girls help center. Hope this helps!!! I’ll keep reading for your ideas I have never met anyone who had such great ideas in my life or taught such great classes as you did in Erie!!!

  20. I have had this same calling for 3 months. I LOVE it you will do a great job. When I was first put into this calling there we NO weekly activity groups going so we needed to start from scratch. I decided that I wanted to find out what the sisters wanted to do. I gave them a survey to fill out. This way I knew what they would come to and wanted to do. We have a couple of groups going right now they are well attended. We have a mothers play group that meets twice a month, they bring their kids lunch and a salad etc to share with the other women. We also have a daily walking group, a monthly book club, a monthly cooking class that is taught by a man in our ward (everyone that attends chips in 2-5$). We also have a monthly birthday potluck lunch so the sisters can get together and celebrate each others b-days. I think my most favorite on is the weekly Sister Scripture Study groups (we have 2 going right now). We meet weekly to discuss the chapters that we have read from the lessons that we have from this website We are currently studing the Book of Mosiah. It is a great way to bond with other sisters in the ward over the scriptures. We have 2 groups one in the morning and one in the evening so that all the women can have a chance to attend if they would like to.

    In November we had a HUGE craft day. We did alot of crafts but ones that you could get done. I found this great website. She has craft kits that are all done all you have to do is paint them and put them together. Her website is We are also starting a montly food storage/canning group. We have a canner in our stake and 3 days a month it will be at my house so the sisters can come and can. I will also have a monthly sign up sheet to order things from the cannery. They will be able to come and can those items and if they can’t can they they will get done by other ladies in the ward. I think why this is such a big hit, is that they don’t have to make a trip to the cannery it is all delivered to my home and they know that in that 3 days they can come can anytime that they would like to. I am also part of a yahoo group for HFPE it is great. You get access to tons of ideas from ladies all over the world and what they are doing to make their HFPE sucessful. Good Luck it is a great calling!

  21. I’m the Enrichment Counselor. Some favorite quarterly enrichments (these are not my ideas, but we’ve learned from others and modified to meet our needs):

    *Suvivor night (complete with a fear-factor food storage tasting, a rescue, and several other “challenges”)
    *”Purse”nal Enrichment night (purse games, financial advice, etc.)
    *RS Retreat – Cafe Rio style salads up the canyon with a spiritual thought. The sisters love this so much they resquest it each year.
    *Humanitarian Night
    *We’re getting ready to do a modified ten-virgins program focusing on spiritual preparedness.
    *Fun RS Birthday celebrations — Happy Birthday to you (sisters divided into tables by birth month; each brings three things about themselves – guess who)

    *Our most successful is a “dessert group” – they meet once a month to prepare and sample recipes.
    *Canning group, Meal preparation group, decorating group, food storage group, stroller push (walking group), etc.
    Our groups ebb and flow depending upon season and interest. Sometimes we have many groups, sometimes we only have one or two.

    Let me know if you want more information.

  22. I remember one enrichment that sticks out in my mind. I am always one of the younger in our RS because we usually live in “older wards.” But one time they did a favorites enrichment. Everybody brought one thing that was a favorite item. Everybody that was there put their name in a hat and after you had explained why your item was your favorite you drew a name and that person got your favorite item. It was then their turn to exlain their favorite item.
    Some of the things that were brought were: chapstick, magic eraser, krylon spray paint, a homemade pumpkin pie (she loved pumpkins), seashells, a book. I remember taking a frame with pictures I had taken with my favorite quote.
    I really liked it because I got to know the older ladies in my ward and what they are like outside of RS. Really fun and easy.

  23. Pat Sullivan

    Maria, I am a new enrichment leader as well. I am grateful for your post and all the replies. It has given me a few more ideas for activity groups. I am making up samples for our committee to select from for Super Saturday. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Penny Petersen

    I too just got put in as the Enrichment leader in our ward, I am not creative at all, but I know how to learch the internet, in fact, that is how I found you. Anyways, I came up with a list of things that I thought people might be interested in doing, then I went over it with the RS Pres and counselor. Then we refined it and I printed it and made copies, we gave a copy to every sister in the ward and asked them to circle ones that they might be interested in, or add any they might enjoy doing that wasn’t on the list. Then we had them write their name at the top, so we could see who was interested in what, and we could make sure we got them to every sister in the ward. It was great, now I know around what size group to plan for, and organize accordingly. If we have more or less, that is ok, I just wanted to get a general idea. If you would like to see our list, let me know and I will e-mail it to you.
    A couple of ideas on the list were with this site in mind, such as Household Organization, and Helpful everyday tips.

  25. In digging through cupboards from years ago, I found a binder that had different Christmas stories and lyrics to christmas songs. On for each night in December and of course ended with the reading of the birth of christ. I am looking for something similar, different stories maybe? Any ideas anyone?

  26. We actually supply craft kits for enrichment nights that are a huge hit!! We do the inspirational saying in polished metal- you mount them on wood painted the color of your choice, distressed and stained. We always have a huge response with these especially since we have kits starting at just $4.25 so that most everyone can afford to do something. If you are wondering what they look like you can check them out at

    Also one enrichement night I enjoyed was lessons on crockpot cooking. It was awesome and I now use my crockpot 3-4 times a week!! before this it sat in my cupboard 360 days of the year LOL!

    • Beth Myers

      I have just been called as the counselor over the activities. I am interested in your crockpot cooking classes. I know it’s been a couple of years, but could you tell me what they did? And was this a large group activity like a quarterly or a small group?

  27. Jen M.–
    Just read your idea of an Enrichment Meeting you had in 2009 about the lemons. Could you send me the word documents you said you still have on it? I’m the new Relief Society Meeting Coordinator (previously Enrichment Leader).
    Thank you,

  28. I just stumbled across your site when looking for new Enrichment ideas for my ward. LOVE the lemon night idea. If you could send me the information from that activity I would love it. Thank you for sharing your great ideas. Thank You Karen

  29. Exactly where do these commenters come up with this stuff? Why might you claim some thing like that?

  30. Wendy Roberts

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