MeckMom Scripture Stickers on Sale Now!

Need a last minute gift for your kids this Christmas?  How about a full set of colorful Scripture Mastery tags to coordinate with your teen’s cell phone or iPod?  The Scripture Mastery tags have been one of the most popular items from the MeckMom store this year.  Since you guys seem to love them so much I’ve decided to revamp them for 2009.  Inspired by the new iPod nano colors, these new button-style Scripture Mastery tags are bright, bold and downright fabulous.

For the next three days, a full set (100 piece, includes BOM, D&C, NT, OT) of scripture mastery tags is only $19.95.  These new, vibrant stickers are not available for free download until Spring.  However, if you purchase a pack of my awesome scripture sticker paper I will gladly email you the color of your choice.  Just leave your color preference and email address in the notes area of your purchase.

As an added bonus, I’m also reducing the price of a 25-pack of my Premium Transparent Sticker Paper to only $19.95.  Most orders will be shipped within 24 hours and all orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail to ensure a pre-Christmas delivery.  Shipping for all US orders is only $5!

Gospel Art Kit stickers and LDS bookmark stickers make wonderful (and inexpensive) Christmas gifts for friends and family.  To see the associated scripture sticker posts and view all the free downloads available, just click here.  To link to my Etsy store and see the selection, click here. Quantities are limited, so hussle on over to my Etsy store and stock up now!  Happy Scripture Sticker shopping!   Just thought I’d pass it on.

*Update: So many of you expressed interest in maintaining the price change that I’ve decided to keep the SM Stickers and the 25-pack of paper at the sale rate.  Thanks for your support!


  1. Margaret

    I am interested in your transparent sticker paper but when i went to the site you posted to view the pictures i could not find it. Do you still have a way to get the scripture stickers?

    • Thanks for the question, Margaret. I was temporarily sold out of paper last week but I received a new batch a few days ago. I restocked the Etsy store yesterday so there should be loads of paper packets available. Thanks for asking.

  2. Dallas

    I am interested in your scripture sticker download. I have found a couple links, on this post as well as your etsy store, but it won’t pull up the page. Do you still have the free download?
    Also, I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and sharing your talents with us. I love to share your site with those around as they find new ideas to help make their lives just a little easier also! Thank you!

    • Thanks for the question, Dallas. Yes, the free downloads are all still available. Just look under the LDS ideas tab and click Scripture Stickers. You should find a link to all the various blog posts – the files are embedded in the posts. As for the cute scripture mastery tags. Yes, you can still get a free color of your choice anytime you order a 25-pack of sticker paper from my Etsy store. Thanks for asking!

  3. Miranda

    Hi! It appears that there’s a broken link to the Scripture Stickers. When I click on the link in this post, , it takes me here: . Do you have to correct link? I’m interested in getting some for my children, but I’d like to see what they look like. :) Thanks so much!!!

  4. Danelle Aguilar

    Is the red Scripture Mastery file available for a free download? I only see the link for the blue and all my SM are already marked in red.
    Thank you,

    • MeckMom

      Hi Danelle. At the moment, just the blue SM tags are available for free download. The red (and all the other colors) are available to purchase as printables from my Etsy shop. I think the price is $3.95 per color. Thanks!

  5. Rachel Poole

    Hi Meck Mom,
    just was wondering if you still have the scripture mastery tags available? I bought some a few years ago from you and now need some more. Thanks~Rachel

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