My Favorite Wrapping Paper Organizer

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone.  My fabulous husband knows me well.  Among other things, he gave me a clean house, a delicious meal, and a big bunch of blog comments for my birthday – three things that make me really happy.

When it comes to Christmas, most professional organizers recommend setting up a wrapping station – some little corner of your house that can be devoted to ribbons, bows, and everything that comes with them.  I have two basic problems with this plan.  First, I don’t really have a corner of my house that can be devoted to wrapping stuff.  Secondly, if I did, it would have to be under lock and key so my kids wouldn’t be able to unwind the colorful spools of ribbon and mess with the much-too-tempting rolls of scotch tape.

So, since creating a lockable wrapping station was out, I opted for a more portable option.  I found this organizer a few years ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond for around $20.  I love it for lots of reasons.  For starters, it has loads of pockets.  In addition to the obvious spots for wrapping paper and bows, it also has dedicated spots for tape, scissors, gift tags, gift bags, and tissue paper.  I also love it for its portability.   When my wrapping-paper-loving kids are around, I can hide it under the couch, tuck it under my bed, or hang it in a closet.  Then, when bedtime hits and the coast is clear, I can pull it out and wrap at the kitchen table, on my bed, or on the living room floor in front of the TV.

If your budget has a little wiggle room, I recommend getting two of these handy caddies.  Buy one for your Christmas wrapping supplies and another to house all your non-Christmas stuff.  That way you can stock up on clearance wrapping supplies at the end of season and store the whole organizer with your Christmas stuff.  Come next year, you’ll be ready to roll…literally.

If you can’t find this at your local Bed & Bath store, you can also find it online at sites like  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. Wow I want one! or Two! Thanks for sharing!


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