Wanda Witch Giveaway Announcement

Hey everyone.  Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog this week.  My big Halloween party happens later tonight and I’ve spent the whole week prepping for it.  I promise I’ll make it up to you next week with several fun Halloween posts.

First off, I want to congratulate our Wanda Witch Clever Clue Giveaway winner – Sneaky Witch from Wyoming.  I was so impressed that she managed to host this party twice in the same town without revealing her identity.  Since she can’t publicly take credit for her many, many hours of effort, I thought she could use a little kudos.  Congrats, Sneaky!  I’m totally impressed with your Wanda style.  I’ll be contacting you soon to get your shipping info.  I hope you enjoy your awesome letters.  Thanks again to Alison from Ally’s Attic for the fantastic giveaway.

Since I’m short on time today, I thought I’d repost one of last year’s favorite Halloween posts.  Loads of you downloaded this simple little advent calender last year.  If you haven’t had a chance to print yours out this year, you’ll want to get it started today.  Here are the details from the old post…

Halloween AdventPerhaps it’s my own fault. Maybe decorating for Halloween five weeks early naturally creates holiday over-anticipation/impatience in my kids. Whatever the reason, my kids are constantly dragging their costumes out of their closets to ask me if it’s time to trick or treat. Yesterday, after answering that question for the 493rd time, I decided I needed a way for the kids to keep track of the countdown themselves. So, I created this simple little countdown poster to do just that.

Much like the Christmas Advent Poster I posted last year, this simple little chart hangs out on our fridge for easy access to my three kids. Rather than use stickers to mark the days, I opted to go for something a little more Halloweenish…googly eyes. Each morning at breakfast during the last two weeks of October, my kids get to add one googly eye to the poster. They start at the fourteen and work their way down to the one so they can know at a glance how many days are left until the big day.

Halloween Advent ZoomTo make your own handy chart, simply print out the file below on heavy white cardstock. If you’d like to give it a little more strength (like the one pictured), trim the edges and glue it to a sheet of black cardstock. I designed the file to use 12mm wiggle eyes, but you could use whatever size you have on hand. Ideally, you’ll want to look for the wiggle eyes that have adhesive backs. If you can’t find those, just use glue dots or keep a bottle of Elmer’s in your kitchen drawer.

If your kids have other Halloween activities to look forward to (class parties, family traditions, etc.) you can track those on your chart as well.  Simply use a marker to add a little color to the party date.  For example, our church Trunk or Treat Party happens on the 26th so I used an orange marker to highlight the number 5 circle (I did this after I took the pictures for the blog).  If my kids want to figure out how many days are left until the party they just count the open circles between today and the orange circle.

Cheap, easy and totally kid-friendly. I think this chart will be a party of our Halloween festivities for years to come.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. I was very impressed also. Congratulations Sneaky!

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