Great Card Games for Kids

There’s nothing quite like sitting down at the kitchen table to play a great card game as a family.  If your family loves the classics like UNO, Old Maid and Go Fish, you might want to give a few of these newer games a try.  Generally you can find them at Target and Wal Mart for between $5 and $10 or you can click the game names below for direct links to Amazon.

Wig Out
Wig Out Game
For some reason, my kids – especially my girls - always beg for this game.  They think the hairstyles are hilarious and they love finding matches of their favorites.   All of the players play simultaneously in this game so the pace is pretty quick.  That being said, it’s mostly a game of chance and doesn’t require any reading so it’s just as easily won by my 5 year-old as it is by my 8 year-old.

Monster Maker
Monster Maker Game
My 6 year-old son has always had a thing for monsters so when I saw this game at Target I just had to try it.  Essentially the goal is to use the ‘Parts’ cards to build your own monster and thwart the progress of your opponents.  It involves a tiny bit of strategy but is still easy enough for all my kids to enjoy.

Toss Your Cookies
Toss Your Cookies Game
What kid could resist this sugar-coated card game?  Similar to Wig Out, the goal is to collect 5 of your favorite cookies and a glass of milk.  However in this game you roll dice to find out what actions you’ll take on each turn (pass, swap, or steal).  My kids loved this one.  Yes, I had to use past tense in that sentance because my girls used the cute cookie cards to decorate the table of a very soggy tea party last year and I had to throw it out – I’m sure you can relate. ;)

Quick Tip for Young Card Players
Kid Card HolderHolding and playing with multiple cards can be tricky for little fingers.  If your little ones are struggling, try this clever trick recommended by Family Fun a few issues ago.  Just grab a few plastic potato chip clips from your kitchen drawer and pass them out.  They’re easy to hold, easy to open and close, and super cheap.  It’s hard to beat that.  Just thought I’d pass it on.


  1. I just wanted to say that we have Monster Maker and Wig Out and my kids love both. Actually it was really funny because we had just come home from purchasing Monster Maker at Target. My husband and kids were actually setting up the game while I was checking my email and got your post…. Anyway we played it and the kids love it! I have a 7 yr old 5 yr. old and a 3 yr. old.


  2. I tried to find all 3 of these games a Target today and couldn’t find any of them. Evidently Monster Maker was clearanced and is gone! Any idea where I might find them?

  3. We also have Wig Out and my kids love it too! I can’t wait to find the Monster’s one since I’m always looking for more “boy” games.

  4. Hey Brooke,
    Sorry to hear that Target didn’t come through for you. The game store at your local Mall or your nearest Toys ‘R Us might have them. Of course you could save yourself the hunt and just pick them up online. I found all three on Amazon as well as Hope that helps. Thanks, Brooke.

  5. I’m so glad you shared the chip clip trick – I love it!!

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