Scripture Mastery and GAK Margin Tags Tutorial

We’ve finally made it to the end of our Scripture Sticker Tutorials.  If you missed the first two, you’ll want to read up here:  Bookmark Sticker Tutorial, Gospel Art Kit Sticker Tutuorial.

As I mentioned previously, my Scripture Mastery memory is a little shaky.  I created these simple margin stickers to help me locate those key scriptures quickly.  The bright blue box on the top of the sticker makes it easy to flip through my quad and spot the scritpture I’m looking for.  Each tag includes the blue SM box, the approved scripture key words, and the full scripture reference.

The directions for placing your Scripture Mastery Tags are pretty simple.  Essentially you need to print out the file on the premium transparent sticker paper.  Crop the tags and sort them into piles by book (OT, NT, BOM, D&C).  Find your desired scripture reference and place the sticker in the upper right-hand margin.   In my scriptures, I used a blue colored pencil to add a square around the corresponding verse numbers as well.  You can find the free file below.

Click here to download the free Scripture Mastery Tag file.

The Gospel Art Kit tags serve a similar purpose.  Essentially, I created them to help me use my GAK stickers more efficiently.  Although I could find the scripture stories quickly by using my footnote GAK stickers, I wanted to be able to locate the actual passages of scripture that associated with each without skimming the entire page.  These skinny GAK title tags are designed to fit neatly in the bottom margin of any standard scriptures.  They include the title of the picture, the GAK number, and the full series of references for the story.  I used a green pencil to mark the selected verses by drawing a green line next to the center line on the page (click here to see a close up of my markings).  I created two versions of these tags.  The first was designed to be used with the full-size GAK stickers (the stickers that are centered over the main text of the page).  The text on those is centered.  The second file was designed to be used with the footnote-size GAK stickers.  The text on those is either right or left aligned depending on which side of the page your GAK sticker should be placed on.  You can find both those files below.

Click here to download the free GAK Title Tags that are centered on the page.
Click here to download the free GAK Title Tags that are side aligned on the page. 

The last file I’ll be posting is a simple instruction file.  Many of you have mentioned that you’re making these as gifts and would like to have a small instruction guide to include with the stickers.  I designed the instructions to be small enough to fit in any size plastic zip-top bag (available in the MeckMom store).  On the file there are two instructions for the GAK stickers and two instructions for the bookplate/bookmark stickers.  You can find that file below.

Click here to download the free Sticker Insert Instruction printable.

Many of you have also emailed with questions concerning knowing how many sheets of transparent sticker paper to buy.  Below you’ll find a page breakdown for the various sticker sizes and styles to help you out.

GAK Full Size (over main text)
Book of Mormon – 3 sheets per set
D&C – 2 sheets per set
Old Testament – 3 sheets per set
New Testament – 4 sheets per set

GAK Footnote Standard Size (over footnote text)
Book of Mormon – 1 sheet per set
D&C – 1 sheet per set
Old Testament – 1 sheet per set
New Testament – 1 sheet per set

GAK Footnote Large Size (over footnote text)
Book of Mormon – 1 sheet per set
D&C – 1 sheet pet set
Old Testament – 2 sheets per set
New Testament – 2 sheets per set

Alphabetical Table of Contents – 1 sheet
3-month Book of Mormon Reading Chart – 1 sheet
D&C Section Summaries – 1 sheet
Scripture Mastery Key Words – 1 sheet
Proclamation/Living Christ – 1 sheet

Margin Tags
GAK Title Tags – 1 sheet per set
Scripture Mastery Tags – 1 sheet per set

So there you have it.  All my current scripture sticker files up and ready for you to download, print, and enjoy.  Again, thanks for all your enthusiasm and interest over these scripture stickers.  It’s been great for me to finally see all those hours of work be put to use.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

This post is the 4th in a series of 4 scripture sticker posts.  To view the others, click the links below:

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  1. Angie, Tulsa

    Thanks for posting these! I can’t wait to make them for my seminary students. I’m planning to give them each a set of tags and the scripture mastery bookmark for Christmas. Thanks for making me look good!

  2. Thanks again for all of this! I want to put instructions in for GAK but not the book plates and I need to make a bunch. Do you know how I can copy and paste this file to say a word document so I can just print out what I want? I keep trying and can not figure out how to copy.

  3. I just noticed that the one for “Love One Another” says “love ON another”…

    Just FYI

  4. Thanks, Lori! I just fixed the typo and updated both the tags and the Scripture Mastery bookmark files. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  5. Brooke

    Love these! My only complaint is all the cutting but oh well can’t be helped. Just wish my willing helpers were old enough to trust with a paper cutter! lol! Brooke

  6. Got mine done for Easter baskets and so excited! Just wanted to know if there are any hints about getting the paper backing off of the tags?

  7. Wow, thanks so much for all your hard work. I have been searching for something like this to do with my YW that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks again!

  8. I love your printable stickers! I feel like these are what I’ve been searching for in order to inspire my kids with a love of the scriptures! However, I’m having a difficult time downloading these files. Is there anyway that I could get these emailed to me?

  9. Diana Woodruff

    I absolutely LOVE this idea… I am teaching my 4 and 6 year old the scripture mastery right now. Even though they are young, it is completely doable….just one per week. Do you Sell your scripture mastery and GAK tags already done? I would love to just buy them…Let me know. Thanks!


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