Bookmark Scripture Sticker Tutorial

Sorry guys, I know I promised this a few days ago…it’s been a little busy around here.  First off, let me say thanks for the overwhelming response to the Scripture Stickers.  I’ve already had to restock my paper supply to keep up with the orders.  It’s great to know that those ridiculously tedious hours of searching for page numbers and adjusting images won’t go to waste!  If you’ve haven’t ordered your sticker supplies or custom book plates yet, don’t worry you’ve got time.  Domestic orders placed in the MeckMom Store before December 18th have guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.

I don’t know if you’re anything like me but up until last year, my scriptures were crammed with bookmarks, quotes and lesson notes.  It seemed like everytime I pulled out my scriptures at Church I’d end up dropping a few random bookmarks to the floor.  I needed a better, more permanent solution.  Since I still had a ton of sticker paper left over from my order (I had to buy it in bulk to get the price below $1 per sheet) I decided to put it to use once again.  I created several full-page reference stickers and placed them throughout the blank pages of my scriptures.  Much like the Gospel Art Kit stickers I created earlier in the year, these simple bookmark stickers proved to be an incredibly helpful and inexpensive solution to my dilemma.  A few of the stickers I created are personal to me such as special blessings, favorite quotes, family photos, etc.  However, most of them are general reference-type stickers that would be handy for just about anyone.  You can find the files for those stickers and a little description about each below.

  • Alphabetical Table of Contents
    Up until last year, when the Sunday School teacher would ask the class to turn to Zephaniah I would automatically start flipping pages…not because I knew exactly where to find Zephaniah, but because I wanted to look like I knew while I secretly sung ‘The Books of the Old Testament’ song in my head.  I created these stickers to give me an even shorter…less musical…shortcut.  On it, the books are listed alphabetically rather than by page number.  Now when I need to find a book I just scan the list, find the book and the corresponding page number and then flip to the right page in a matter of seconds.  Sure beats mentally singing a 40+ word song.  I placed mine on the inside covers of my quad.
    Click here to download the free Alphabetical Table of Contents
  • 3 Month Book of Mormon Reading Chart
    I am not the most dedicated daily scripture reader.  It’s one of those goals that has a permanent spot on my New Year’s resolutions.  That being said, I have found that if I create a deadline and a put a plan on paper I have much better success.  I created this 3 month Book of Mormon reading chart to help me track my progress.  I’ve used it several times and it has proven successful for me.  I mark the little check boxes a different way each time so I can track how many times I’ve made it through.  I placed mine opposite the title page for the Book of Mormon in my quad.
    Click here to download the free 3 Month Reading Chart
  • Doctrine & Covenants Section Summaries
    My brilliant Mom has taught the D&C at BYU for years and could probably tell you what’s in each section with her eyes closed.  I, on the other hand, need a little cheat sheet.  I converted my old notes and bookmarks from my D&C class to create these handy section summary stickers.  I placed mine on either side of the title page for the D&C.
    Click here to download the free Doctrine & Covenants Section Summaries
  • Scripture Mastery Key Words & References
    Although I know I memorized all of these at some point, I am horrible at remembering them now.  In addition to the fabulous little margin tags I’ve got on the individual pages (now available in the MeckMom store), I also created this quick-reference guide to help jog my memory.  It makes searching for those key scriptures tons easier.  I placed mine on the first two blank pages of my quad.
    Click here to download the free Scripture Mastery Key Words & References
  • The Family: A Proclamation to the World and The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles
    These precious proclamations put out by The First Presidency simply belong in our scriptures.  Don’t you think?  They are often referenced in General Conference addresses and during Church lessons so I love having them readily available in my quad.  They are such beautifully written documents that I couldn’t bring myself to retype them.  Instead, I opted to convert the document images to a scripture-friendly size and placed them directly in my scriptures.  Below you’ll find two files: one that includes both documents and a another that has the Proclamation to the Family twice (in case you wanted to make several for your family at once).  I placed mine on the back two blank pages of my quad.
    Click here to download the free The Living Christ and the Family Proclamation 
    Click here to download the free Family Proclamation 

The instructions for placing these large stickers are similar to those used on the Gospel Art Kit tutorial.  Here’s a quick overview:

Step 1: Choose location for sticker (stickers can be placed over existing writing).

Step 2: Crop sticker from printed sheet.  Peel top section of sticker backing.

Step 3: Align the top edge of the sticker on the page and press lightly across top.

Step 4: Use hand to slowly smooth downward.  Peel remaining backing and continue to smooth down.

Remember, if you are making these full-page bookmark stickers as gifts, you should also pick-up some of the Large size (5×7) plastic zip-top baggies in the MeckMom Store.  You can also find beautiful custom bookplates for the youth.  Each custom bookplate set includes a handy reference bookmark…the Articles of Faith (Primary), the Young Women Value Scriptures (YW), and the Boy Scout Oath & Law (YM).

Good luck, everyone.  Happy cropping.  If you have any other suggestions for bookmark ideas, I hope you’ll add them in the comments area.  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.  Just thought I’d pass it on.

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  1. Wow! Fantastic! and all those other words. My paper and plates should be here very soon and I am so excited to get started on this project. Just curious why you have not made the scripture mastery tabs and GAK reference downloadable too? Thank You!!

  2. Maria, these scripture stickers are amazing! Do you know if you’ll still be making the sticker paper available for order after the Christmas season? I want to wait to make mine until we get a newer printer (hopefully soon, but not before Christmas), so I’d like to know if I should order the paper now or can wait. Thanks – for all the great tips!

  3. Hey Kelly,
    Thanks for the question…and the enthusiasm! Yes, the Scripture Mastery file and the GAK Tag files will be available soon. I’m hoping to post them tomorrow. I added them to the store because they are a big pain to crop (trust me on this one) and I thought a few readers would rather pay for that work to be done for them.

  4. As for your question, Emily. Yes, I plan to keep the sticker paper in the MeckMom store for quite some time. I plan to add more organizing products to the store after the new year. Thanks for asking.

  5. I am SO sure there are people that would rather have someone else do the work! I just did not want to make another order.

  6. Ccmoviemom

    Hi Meckmom,

    Your ideas are fantastic and I purchased the sticker paper and downloaded your pictures for my family and they love them! Now I’m Primary President, and I thought, wouldn’t it be great to give these as the Christmas presents for this year, but with the 2009 Primary scriptures highlighted with pictures? I was wondering if you might considering making them, and also putting the stickers on removable adhesives, in case any of the families don’t want permanent stickers in their children’s scriptures. thank you so much for posting this blog!


  7. love the SM idea.. I’m not LDS, so I wouldn’t use half of them, but I think this is a GREAT idea.. excellent for trying to find a reference quickly


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