Sabbath Day Object Lesson

Monet PaintingI used this object lesson to illustrate that the Sabbath Day commandment was created to help our bodies, minds, and Spirits.

To begin, I asked one of my laurels (who is an art lover) to name one of her favorite artists.  I then asked her, if I removed the name from one of his works, would she still be able to identify it as his?  She said yes, and I had her explain why.  She mentioned that he uses similar and very distinct brush strokes.  I pointed out that our Father in Heaven created our mind, body and Spirit and if we pay attention to the details, we can see the similar patterns or  “brush strokes” of his craftsmanship.

I began with the body element.  I asked for two volunteers and handed each of them a post-it note.  I asked them to stand close to the wall and jump as high as they could to stick the post-it to the wall.  I then had each of them put their backs on the wall and slide down until their legs formed a right angle.  They were instructed to hold that position for 3 minutes.  The first volunteer was allowed to stop and 2 and one half minutes to stretch and relax.  When the timer beeped they were both given another post-it and asked to immediately jump and stick their post-it on the wall.  The girl that was allowed to rest beat her first mark just slightly.  The other girl’s mark was well below her first.  I pointed out that our muscles thrive on physical challenge only when they are allowed a rest period to recoup.  Otherwise, the tissue can get damaged and we lose strength.

Next we moved on to the mind element.  I again asked for two volunteers.  I had them each go to the chalkboard and told them I would be reading a series of 9 nine numbers.  They were instructed to write down as many as they could remember.  On the first round I read the numbers in groups like this   4-7-8   9-7-9   4-2-0.  Both girls were able to copy the numbers.  I read the next set of numbers fairly quickly without any pauses.  9-5-7-3-1-4-3-8-9.  Although they were fairly close, neither girl was able to get the numbers correctly.  I pointed out that our mind, like our body, thrives when we challenge it.  However, those challenges are most effective when we intersperse them with breaks.  If we push our mind non-stop, we overload and begin to make mistakes.

Finally, we talked about the Spiritual element.  I asked the girls what Spiritual challenges we might face in a given week.  They responded with various temptations and struggles.  I then asked them if they thought the same pattern we’ve seen in the previous two elements would still apply here.  In other words, if our goal is to succeed spiritually, then we must be in the world and face temptations, however, in order to have the greatest chance for success, we must allow our Spirits time to rest and regenerate.  Hence the Sabbath Day commandment.

I also pointed out to the girls that our Heavenly Father created us and wants us to be successful in mind, body and Spirit.  He himself used the 7th day to rest.  If we are made in his image, it would stand to reason that we should follow his example.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post examples like this. I am a YW Pres and appreciate new ideas and especially object lessons.

  2. Thanks, I love your object lesson ideas! I am teaching this lesson on fast Sunday and all the object lesson’s I could find (although very cute) involved food~ this one is perfect!

  3. Jessica

    Thank you so much! What a perfect way to engage young women and get a beautiful and applicable point across in a memorable way! I can’t thank you enough!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I look for activities for my Primary Class and they love being active. This will work wonders with them. I thank the Lord for guiding me to this post. The Church is True. President Monson is a True Prophet.

  5. Jonathan Sherman

    Thanks. These are PERFECT!!! Teaching the teachers today on this topic. This is just what I needed as it’s an unusual way that is interactive. A very well thought out object lesson. Thank you!

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