Quick and easy Reward System for your kids

Quick and easy Reward System for your kidsI used to be a complusive chart maker. I would go through phases where I’d make a sticker chart for various things like brushing their teeth, eating their veggies, cleaning their rooms, etc. Unfortunately though, after the ‘this new system will solve all my problems buzz’ wore off I’d often forget to keep track and the charts would lose their effectiveness. Over time I simplified, and created this simple sticker system.

I bought an inexpensive book of sticker sheets at Target and cut each page into thirds. I printed and laminated each of the kids names and then taped it all into my kitchen cupboard (easy access is key). They each set a goal for what reward they’re working for and we jot it down on a post-it and stick it up next to their stickers.

My kids have come up with all kinds of rewards. Anything from having 2 friends over at once to a trip to the video store is fair game.

They earn stickers by doing anything on their own that I happen to notice, like cleaning their room or eating a least favorite food. Generally the stickers end up on their shirt so they can show them off to their siblings, but it doesn’t really matter to me…as long as their not on my furniture.

I also use the stickers to break bad habits. For example, when my first grader refused to write her name in lower case letters, I would put a sticker on each paper she brought home with the correct lettering.
When the sticker sheet is empty, they get their reward and a new sticker sheet goes up. It’s a simple system, but it seems to work perfectly for our family. For about $5 I’ve got a 6-month supply of stickers and a chart-free fridge. It’s tough to beat that. Just thought I’d pass it on.

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