Under-bed Daily Clothes Organizer

Under-bed daily clothes organizerThis is not a novel idea, just a new twist on an old one. I really wanted my kids to be able to get themselves dressed in the morning, but found the current systems were not designed to be kid-friendly, they were designed to look nice in perfect magazine closets. I created this system as a handy alternative.

I bought a rolling under-bed wrapping paper box from WalMart. I created the dividers by trimming a sheet of white foam core posterboard and then attached them with clear packing tape. I also covered the edges with clear packing tape to add durability. I printed the labels onto white cardstock and then attached them to both the bottom and side of each section with clear laminating film.

Under-bed daily clothes organizerOn laundry day, I sort the kids clothes into baskets. They pick the shirt, underwear and socks they want to wear each day and I help them find the pants to match. Whatever is left in the basket gets put away in their drawers and the bin rolls back under their bed.

This solution is great because it’s completely kid friendly. Nothing has to be neatly folded and it’s all within reach of even the smallest arms.  Just thought I’d pass it on.  You can find the free file download for the ‘days of the week’ labels below.

[drain file 62 show template]


  1. Hey Maria! I love all the new additions to your blog lately – the work you’ve put into those scripture stickers is awesome! I want to print up some of these underbed labels but my computer must not have your font because the words looks very different when I pull up your .doc file. Can you tell me the name of the font that you used here?

  2. Nevermind! I found it (Pretty Baby) at searchfreefonts.com. :) Thanks anyway!

  3. Maria You are making my life easier and easier as the days go by. I have created the same kind of thing for my kids using cloth covered boxes from Target (50% off). Im not as Savey with the computer so I used scrapbook letter stickers from the dollar store to create the labels. Then I laminated them with my new laminator. Inspired by your ideas as well. I think I have become your little “minnie me”. LOL

  4. Here’s a tip I use from Flylady. I mostly use it when packing for a trip, but it would work nicely in this case. I have my son make a “clothes kid”. He lays the clothes out on the floor in the shape of a kid with the pants, shirt, socks, undies, etc. That way they can visualize what is and isn’t going to match and make sure they have all the necessary parts. Then I just have him put the socks and undies in the middle, roll it up with a rubber band and pop it into the suitcase. Easy peesy!

  5. Thank you for a ~great~ site! This under-bed idea is one we have implemented and it is working really well.

    I’m excited to see more of your posts–so practical and they make life easier. And I like the details you include (not just a bunch of general suggestions like so many organizing/family websites). I’d love to see what you do in even more areas of your household, such as the garage, food storage, garden, etc.

    Thank you, again!

  6. What a wonderful idea! I was researching those fancy Days of the Week hanging clothes organizer things and came across your blog post. I sure am glad that I did! I actually have everything that I need to make this happen TODAY! You just saved me $35 plus shipping, plus the headache when the clothes weren’t folded “just so” in their slots. You are so right about those only looking nice in catalogs.

    One day I hope to live in a catalog. sigh


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