The easiest lables ever

easiest lables everI’m big on labeling. When things aren’t labeled, I end up being the only one that can put things away. Consequently, it also means I’m the one everyone runs to when they can’t find something. Labels, especially for my kid’s stuff, make everyone responsible for their own stuff.

My two youngest can’t read yet, so I needed a method of labeling that would be easy for them too. I used my digital camera to take some pictures of their toys. I printed them out in wallet size and then laminated them. I then stuck them to the containers with Velcro so that I could swap them out as the contents change over the years.

easiest lables everThey’re so easy to make and even easier for my kids to use. I’ve got these all over my kids rooms, the toy room, the job chart and the craft boxes.  Just thought I’d pass it on.


  1. Maria, you continue to amaze me. Can you come to my house for a week and help me? It might take longer then a week though.

    Where should I start?
    Love ya,

  2. Maria, You continue to amaze me. How about coming and spending a week at my house and help me get that organized. It might take longer then a week though.

    Where do I start???

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