Keep your kid’s drawers organized with these cheap dividers

Cheap DrawersI’m not a big fan of dressers. They take up a lot of room in our tiny bedrooms and they’re tough for my little kids to use. The drawers are always heavy and most of them are out reach for my little ones. I bought 5 of these plastic drawers for each of my kids and stacked them in their closets. They’re easy to open and see through so my kids know just where to find what they need.

Cheap Drawers 2My kids have a tendency to dump everything out when they’re digging for socks, undershirts, tights or other little items. I created these easy dividers for their underwear drawer to help them keep things organized. I bought a sheet of foam-core posterboard and trimmed it to the size of my drawer. I then used clear packing tape to affix them to the front and back of the drawer. I also covered the cut edges (on the top and bottom of the divider) with packing tape to keep them from getting worn.

I’ve used these drawers for years and think they were worth every penny. My kids are 3, 4 & 6. Thanks to these simple drawers, they’re all able put away their own laundry and pull out the clothes they need. Just thought I’d pass it on.  You can find the free file downloads for the various colors of drawer labels below.

[drain file 60 show template]

[drain file 53 show template]

[drain file 40 show template]


  1. Hi! This looks great! I’m wondering what your drawer’s categories are. And do you have anything hanging – like church dresses? I’d like to implement this but would like a few more details. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. MeckMom

    Thanks for the question, Erika. I’ll make a new post today (June 22) to clarify the details of the system.

  3. I bit the bullet and bought 8 of these bins. They were selling for 15$/each (CA) at Walmart this weekend. It was a bit costly (perhaps Target would have been cheaper??). I also bought one of the stacking shelves to lay sideways across the top shelf as you suggested in another post. The closet is TOTALLY transformed and looks fabulous!! I’m one step closer to getting my 4 and 6 year old to put away their own laundry!! Yahoo!! I wish I had taken a before snapshot because my ‘after’ is amazing. Thanks for the great suggestion!!


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