A Great, Reusable Grocery List

Shopping ChartI don’t know about you, but most of my trips to the grocery store involve buying the same basic items each week. I created this listpad to save me the trouble of rewriting.

On it I’ve got lists for my three most common stores (Sam’s/Costco, Grocery, WalMart/Target). I list my most common items by category (ie produce, dairy, houseware, etc.). I’ve left one or two blank spots under each category for those random items you only need now and then. I left the WalMart/Target store list blank because my list changes constantly for those stores. I printed 15 of each, cropped them and then stapled them to a piece of laminated cardstock. Each season, I adjust the lists a little to accomodate the changes in our menus.

Shopping ChartThe most convenient advantage of this list is that it stays on my cupboard where everyone in the family can find it. When I find that I’m out of something, I just have to open the cupboard door and check the box on my list. When it’s grocery day, I just grab the top list, jot down a rough menu for the week on the back and check off any additional items I might need. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s something everyone in the family can use.  Just thought I’d pass it on.  You can find the free file download below.

[drain file 61 show template]


  1. This sounds like what I need. Would love to get the handy ideas, but the download link for the chart/list is unavailable.

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