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About Me

Maria EckersleyMy name is Maria Eckersley and I’m a mom of five fabulous kids.

Although my husband might say otherwise, I am not a compulsive organizer.  I don’t care if my soup cans are aligned in the pantry or if my towels are folded perfectly in the closet.  I just love discovering simple solutions to everyday problems.

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Free Printables

Who doesn’t love a fabulous, free printable?  As a freelance graphic designer I can really appreciate the value of a great design.  Beautiful fonts, vivid colors, creative ideas…I love them all.  As a budget-conscious, time-strapped mom I can also appreciate the benefit of having all the work done for you.

When I come upon (or create) a printable that I think you might enjoy I’ll link to it here.  In time, I hope to create a page chock-full of free printables that will save you time, money and energy…a veritable MeckMom printopia. 😉

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Best of MeckMom

Some posts just get a little more attention than others.  Check this area for seasonal favorites, category roundups and my readers’ top picks of the last five years.

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